Junior chairs in the field of research on mitochondria, LabEx MitoCross, Strasbourg (FR)

Two junior group leader positions (with competitive start-up package) are open in the framework of the labex MitoCross (https://mitocross.unistra.fr/). One group will be located in the Molecular Genetics, Genomics, Microbiology institute GMGM, UMR 7156 and the other at the Institute of Plant Molecular Biology IBMP, UPR2357, both at the University of Strasbourg.

More details here: https://gmgm.unistra.fr/en/news/piece-of-news/chaires-juniors-dans-le-domaine-de-recherches-sur-les-mitochondries.

Questions about work environment can be sent to Joseph Schacherer, Professor of Genetics and Genomics schacherer@unistra.fr