Les bouchons du coeur – collecting plastic caps to support projects for people with a disability

By: Laura Steinbusch

Date: 10 March 2017


“Let me know if I can help you with anything!”. Many of you have said or written that sentence to me as soon as you learnt that my son Enzo turned out to be blind because of a congenital retinal disease. All your thoughts and gestures are super appreciated. Now there is a small thing that we can do as Genopode inhabitants for people like Enzo with a disability. How?

We (will) have new bins on each floor of the Genopode to collect plastic caps for the Swiss association “les Bouchons du Coeur”. They will use the collected money for sponsoring causes such as a school for guide dogs for the blinds. I will distribute these bins in the course of next week.

Which caps can you throw in this collecting bin? For example, PET-bottle caps (Coca-cola etc.), juice pack caps, shampoo bottle caps, peanut butter pot caps and washing liquid bottle caps. Please clean them since it might take a while before these 110L bags are filled; we do not want the flies in this building to live on those peanut butter leftovers.

If you have questions, please come to me, Laura Steinbusch, on the 5th floor.