Life Sciences Seminar Series LSSS 2011-2012 in Geneva


Lectures are at 4pm in Hall A100 Sciences II 30 quai Ernest Ansermet, Geneva

17.10.2011 Benjamin GEIGER
The molecular basis for the mechanical activation of integrin adhesions

08.11.2011 Patrick CRAMER
Gene transcription: molecular movies and regulatory systems

22.11.2011 Naama BARKAI
Scaling pattern with size during the development of multicellular organisms

13.12.2011 Jacques PROST
Physical theory for biology

28.02.2012 Jonathan WEISSMAN
Biology without bias: new tools for probing biological systems

06.03.2012 Enrico COEN
From genes to shape

20.03.2012 Jürgen KNOBLICH
Asymmetric cell division and tumorigenesis in neural stem cell lineages

27.03.2012 Bruno AMATI
Epigenome analysis in Myc-driven tumors

08.05.2012 Howy JACOBS
Alternative respiratory chain enzymes: An evolutionary curiosity, or the cure for all known diseases?

22.05.2012 Robert A. MARTIENSSEN
Heterochromatin reprogramming, RNA interference and germ cell fate

26.06.2012 John MATTICK
RNA: the computational engine of development and cognition

03.07.2012 Nicole KING
Choanoflagellates, colonies, and the origin of animals

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