Maison de la durabilité – Vortex (UNIL)

The “house of sustainability” is a student association conducting different projects on the UNIL campus (Vortex building).

Did you know?
– they host an object library from which you can borrow for free items such as a fondue pot, a hot plate and many other objects that are useful sometimes but bulky in everyone’s flat !
– they host a board game night every Thursday from 7 P.M. !
– they host a 2nd hand shop and a free distribution of unsold food given by major supermarkets from 4 P.M. on Fridays!
– they are working on an accessible radio program on Ecology science and also a bike sharing project. If you have an idea of project or would like to give a hand sometimes, do not hesitate to contact them!

The main website is in French but everyone or so can inform you about these projects in English.

Maison de la durabilité:
Castor Freegan:
Match my bike:
Unipoly (THE EPFL-UNIL association that gathers tons of projects):