Mon Jan 24, Statistical consulting in the CIG building

Message from Frédéric Schütz, Bioinformatics Core Facility

Dear CIG members,

some of you may not know that the Génopode building hosts a
statistical consulting service offered by the "Bioinformatics Core
Facility" of the SIB.

In order to improve this situation, we would like to invite you for a
short meeting where we will tell you what we can do for you, and we hope
you can tell us how we can help you ! Topics may include:

   - particular statistical problems you're faced with during your work
   - general questions you may have on statistics
   - questions on the R statistical program
   - questions about presenting data, either for articles or for
   - questions about statistical methods described in journal articles
   - courses or workshops you would be interested in

... or anything else that comes to your mind ...

The meeting will take place on Monday 24 January at 10:00 in the CIG
reading room (2nd floor), or, if you can not make it, on Friday 28
January, same place and time. Please let me know by email if you are
planning to come to one of these meetings; if you can not make it, do
not hesitate to send your comments/questions by email.

If these meetings show the existence of a need, we will organize regular
meetings during which statistics questions can be discussed. Also, while
this first meeting is about statistics, we may
also, if there is a need, consider extending the topic to bioinformatics
in general, in collaboration with the other SIB groups present in the

Hope to see you there !


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