New Frontiers in Developmental Biology – Celebrating the Diversity of Life – Nov. 7-10, 2022 in Strasbourg (FR)

Registration now open !
New Frontiers in Developmental Biology – Celebrating the Diversity of Life
SFBD-JSDB-HFSP meeting | 7-10 November 2022 
We are pleased to announce that registration is open for this joint SFBD-JSDB-HFSP Conference,centered around Developmental Biology and that will span a large range of models,from invertebrates to plants and mammals, using whole-animal or organ “systems” approach.Multiple opportunities for oral and poster presentations will be provided.

Registration and Abstract Submission closes: 15th July 2022Registration is on a first-come, first-served basisCheck the programme Register for this rich meeting 
Download a high-resolution poster here  
TOPICS – An attractive range of topics will be covered, including :
– Robustness & Plasticity of identities and developmental processes
– Cellular ontogeny, evolution, transitions & trajectories
– Single cell analyses, cellular heterogeneity, gene regulatory networks and epigenetics processes underlying cellular identities
– Tissue & organism homeostasis, ageing, senescence and regeneration
– Dynamic processes, imaging advances & new models
– Developmental processes modelled in a dish: Stem cells, blastuloids and organoids
– Building an organism: Patterning & scaling during embryogenesis and organogenesis
– Ensuring the next generation: Meiosis, mitosis & germ cells  

A range of outreach actions, including an art exhibitand a video-mapping event are also planned around the conference.

Don’t hesitate to volonteer here to present your poster to high school students and here to animate workshops in schools! 
Please visit the conference website for more info. It would be very helpful if you could circulate this announcement to interested members and groups within your institute.We hope to see you in France in November. 

Lead Organisers
Guntram Bauer
Shigeo Hayashi
Sophie Jarriault 

Conference Co-organisers
Caroline Blatz
Glenda Comai
Delphine Duprez
Juliette Godin
Maëva Luxey
Andrea Pasini
Anne-Cécile Reymann 

For info and announcements on the meeting through Twitter, please search
 :#SFDB2022JSDBmeeting    #NewFrontiersDevBio    #HFSPNewFrontiersDevBio
 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact: