Open Position at the Research Institute of Biological Psychiatry, Mental Health Center, Denmark

Open Position in Denmark


We are hiring a PhD student / Postdoc / Bioinformatician to work in Psychiatric Genetics. The candidate should have experience in analyzing genome-wide association (GWA) and / or sequence data and be familiar with statistical analysis packages such as R or MATLAB. It is considered an advance to have experience with standard GWA analysis programs, including PLINK, GCTA, or IMPUTE2 and familial usage with data resources like 1000G, Hapmap, GO, KEGG, REACTOME … The job will also entail implementation of non-standard statistical analyses of genetic and non-genetic data, under the direction of researchers at the Institute.


We offer a vibrant, dynamic and interdisciplinary team of more than 20 scientists embracing system biology, epidemiology, genetics, statistical and mathematical analysis. We have been working for more than 15 years in several aspects of psychiatric genetics, using GWA, WES, WGS and WG-DNA Methylation data. The institute has access to unique in-house samples on schizophrenia and the largest national samples on psychiatric disorders as well as priority access to data in large international consortiums. We are part of the iPshyc Project that includes genotypes for 80,000 patients with mental disorders and controls


Starting date: as soon as possible.

Salary will be in line with Danish standards.

The job is at the Research Institute of Biological Psychiatry, Mental Health Center Sct. Hans. Boserupvej 2, 4000 Roskilde. Denmark.


Contact: Alfonso Buil (