Open position for a Group Leader at EMBL – Neurobiology (Rome)

In a major new initiative, we are looking to strengthen basic research in neurobiology at EMBL’s Mouse Biology Unit in Rome. The unit is one of 8 units located at five sites across Europe (Heidelberg, Cambridge, Hamburg, Grenoble, Rome). EMBL is an independent, inter-governmental research institute founded in 1974 with a mission to carry out outstanding basic research in molecular biology and train the next generation of scientists. EMBL is ranked first in Europe and fourth in the world after MIT, Salk, and CSHL by citation index and maintains an innovative structure of independent young group leaders hired out of their postdoctoral training and supported by generous internal funding and extensive core facilities. EMBL runs a nine-year limited contract system that ensures a dynamic and collaborative cutting-edge research environment that has been emulated by major research institutions around the world (HHMI-Janelia Farm, MPI-Dresden, IMP-Vienna, CRG-Barcelona, etc.).
For this recruitment we are looking for one or more researcher interested in addressing questions of relevance to neurobiology and with an outstanding track record. We are particularly interested in individuals who will take advantage of the interdisciplinary research environment at EMBL that brings together cell biology, advanced imaging, genomics, bioinformatics, and structural biology. Areas of current strength where we envision further investment include cell-cell recognition in the developing nervous system and mechanisms of cell identity, epigenetics, and adaptive plasticity. The ideal candidate would take advantage of the extensive core facilities at the Mouse Biology Unit in the area of mouse transgenesis and phenotyping.
As an inter-governmental institution EMBL staff members enjoy generous tax-free salaries and full-coverage private medical insurance. The position is for five years initially, but routinely extended to a maximum nine years following review. EMBL offers extensive benefits for staff with families, including home leave travel, education subsidies, and child and family allowances.
I’d very much appreciate your help in bringing this opportunity to the attention of outstanding senior postdoctoral fellows in your lab. Interested persons should submit CV, letter of motivation, and research plan documents via the EMBL recruitment site and can contact me or the Head of Unit, Dr. Philip Avner, directly for further questions. The job search closes October 19, 2014.
Best Regards,
Cornelius Gross
Group Leader and Senior Scientist
ERC Investigator and Deputy Head
Mouse Biology Unit
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Via Ramarini 32
00015 Monterotondo, ITALY