Open position of professor in genetics with speciality in genomics at University of Helsinki, Finland

Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in Genetics, with speciality in genomics

The position is shared between the Department of Biosciences and the Institute of Biotechnology and may be filled as assistant professor, associate professor or professor, depending on the candidates’ merits and career stage.Duties of the professor/associate professor/assistant professor include conducting internationally competitive research on any aspect of genomics. She/he should also have appropriate competence in overlapping areas of genetics, bioinformatics and/or other relevant fields. The professor/associate professor/assistant professor will play a central role as an educator, spearheading masters- level training in genomics, organized jointly between the Department of Biosciences and the Institute of Biotechnology and will also participate in doctoral education via appropriate graduate programmes. In addition, he/she will facilitate public understanding and applications of genomic knowledge.

The professor/associate professor/assistant professor shall carry out and supervise scientific work, provide education based on it, follow developments in research, and participate in societal interaction and international cooperation in his or her field.According to the Regulations of the University of Helsinki, an appointee to a professorship shall hold a doctoral degree and have top-level scholarly qualifications, including the supervision of scientific research. The appointee shall have the ability to provide top-level teaching based on research, as well as to supervise theses and dissertations. The appointee shall also have documentation of international cooperation in the research field that he/she represents. Furthermore, the position also calls for academic leadership skills.

An appointee to the position of assistant/associate professor in the tenure track system shall hold a doctoral degree, have the ability to conduct independent scholarly work and have the teaching skills necessary for the position. In addition, applicants for assistant professorships shall demonstrate their ability and motivation for an academic career through publications and other means.

When assessing the qualifications of the applicants, attention shall be paid to scientific publications and other research results of scientific value, teaching experience and pedagogical training, the ability to produce learning material, other teaching merits, and, if necessary, a teaching demonstration as well as participation in doctoral education. Account shall also be taken of the applicant’s activity in the scientific community, success in obtaining external research funding, international research experience and international elected positions as well as leadership and interaction skills.

To successfully attend to the duties of the position, appointees must have good English skills. A knowledge of Finnish and or Swedish may also be useful for undergraduate instruction, but is not essential.

The position overview is available on the Faculty website