Oportunities for postgrads in genetics to integrate the private sector – Deadline Aug. 21, 2023

Are you a postgraduate in genetics looking to broaden your horizons? Biopôle has just launched an innovative initiative tailor-made for you!

Introducing the ‘Postgraduate Consulting Group,’ a fantastic opportunity for emerging scientists like you to apply your scientific expertise in an industrial setting. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry, allowing you to contribute to the success of cutting-edge startups in the healthcare sector.

What’s the deal? As a member of the Postgraduate Consulting Group, you’ll get to critically assess and challenge the scientific foundations of technologies developed by select Biopôle healthcare startups. This third-party evaluation not only enhances your skillset but also provides valuable insights to startups seeking investment opportunities.

Partnering with Alcimed, a premier consulting firm specializing in tech-driven industries, Biopôle is paving the way for a unique experience.

Two consulting projects are now open:

  1. Therapeutics – Exploring Allosteric Modulators
  2. Diagnostics – Unraveling the World of Oncology

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary chance to contribute to groundbreaking research while gaining invaluable industry exposure. Apply by August 21, 2023, by sending your CV and motivation letter to info@biopole.ch.