PacBio Workshop on Genome Sequence Assembly and Analysis

Recent improvements in the Pacific Biosciences RSII technology as well as PacBio data analysis methods have greatly increased the utility of this sequencing platform for both small and large genome sequencing.

To highlight these improvements and applications, and to give potential users an opportunity to discuss with current users how this technology can be incorporated into their sequencing projects, a PacBio Workshop on Genome Sequence Assembly and Analysis will be held  on Thursday March 20 from 14h00-18h00 in Genopode Auditorium B.

Registration is NOT necessary.  Attendance is open to all.

Workshop Program:
14:00        Welcome
Keith Harshman, Genomic Technologies Facility, Center for Integrative Genomics

14:05-14:35    De novo assembly of Petunia using PacBio data combined with Illumina data
Rémy Bruggmann, SIB, University of Bern, Department of Biology

14:35-15:05    From phenotypes to genotypes with the human pathogen Candida glabrata
Dominique Sanglard, Institute of Microbiology, CHUV

15:05-15:35  Bacterial genome assembly using PacBio data
Daniel Wüthrich, SIB, University of Bern, Department of Biology

15:35 – 16:05        Coffee Break

16:05-16:35    De novo assembly of a large plant genome with the help of PacBio reads
Emanuel Schmid, Vital-IT, SIB-Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

16:35-17:05    Comparative DNA methylation studies in bacterial genomes
Lauarent Falquet, SIB, Department of Biology, University of Fribourg

17:05-17:35    Benefits of SMRT sequencing for analysis of plant and animal genomes
Gerrit Kuhn, Pacific Biosciences

17:35-18:00    Conclusions and General Discussion