Postdoctoral fellowship in (Epi)Genomics of Complex Diseases and Childhood Development open at the EHU, Biscay (ES)

We are looking for a postdoc to apply for a new call, recently released in Spain with the NEXT European funds. Briefly, we look for a postdoc to work in (Epi)Genomics of Complex Diseases and Childhood Development, with skills in:-Bioestatistis/Bioinformatics/Epidemiology-RNAseq analysis-DNA methylation analyses through both arrays and methylation-specific NGS-Integrative Genomic analyses such as QTLs, Mendelian Randomization, TWAS, Bayesian approaches…
However we are flexible with the profile of the candidate and will prioritize highly motivated applications with genuine interest in (Epi)Genomics.
We offer the possibility to apply to the call with us (with a moderate-high probability of success, we hope). The call would include a one-three year contract to work at our lab, in a friendly, motivating environment and with a salary of around 36,000€ per annum. This would translate into around 14 pays of 2,000-2,200€ with total health coverage, insurances and so on, and a moving allowance of 3,500€, which is a good salary to live in Spain. Candidates must have more than 24 months of postdoctoral experience outside Spain, regardless of the country of origin. 

You can find more details about the call here: