Precision nanosystems will present a seminar, Thur. Sept. 29, 2016 – 10-11am, room 5022

Next Generation Nanoparticle Technology for Genes Overexpression and Knockout In Vitro & In Vivo CNS & Metabolic Disease Case Studies

Learn how Precision NanoSystems can help you to:

• Overexpress and knockout genes in vivo & in vitro • Obtain over 95°/o transfection rates for difficult-to-transfect cells (neurons, astrocytes, T œlls…)

• Use an endogenous uptake mechanism for the efficient delivery of nucleic acids & to primary neurons and astrocytes.

• Prevent si RNA/ mRNA degradation

•Build the next generation nanomedicines: small molecules, peptides, antibodies and vaccines

Please join our seminar ta learn about next generation gene over expression & knockout technology that removes challenges associated with conventional/viral methods. We will showcase the rapid design of nanoparticles that encapsulate your nucleic acids and/or other molecules of interest for targeted delivery in vivo & in vitro. Finally, we will present our NEW Neuro9 Tranfection Kit, which uses an endogenous uptake mechanism that results in transfection efficiency >95°/o in primary neurons and astrocytes. Various case studies from CNS, Metabolic, Cancer & Immunology therapeutic areas will be discussed.


Dr. Gesine Heuck Field Application Scientist Distributor Alliance

Dr. Nadia Tagnaouti Regional Manager Germany & CH

Poster: precision-nanosystems-seminar-in-epfl-lausanne-29th-of-september-2016-10h-1-1