Professorship position open in RNA Control in the Cardiovascular System at the Cardiopulmonary Institute (CPI), University of Frankfurt (DE)

The Medical Faculty of Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main invites applications for the following position as a civil servant, which is funded by the Tenure Track Programme of the German Federal Government and the Federal States (BLP-TT), starting at the earliest possible date:

Professorship (W1, tenure track) for RNA Control in the Cardiovascular System at the Cardiopulmonary Institute (CPI)

The initial tenure track appointment as professor is for six years according to § 64 of the Higher Education Act of the State of Hessen (HHG). The invitation to apply aims to reach early-stage researchers, who have finished their doctorate. Candidates should not have obtained their PhD at Goethe University Frankfurt or should have worked as a researcher at an external institution for at least two years after their PhD. The doctorate should not date back to more than four years, in case of a completion of residency not more than seven years. Upon positive evaluation, the incumbent will be promoted to a permanent position at a higher level (W2).

The CPI is a joint research institute of Goethe University Frankfurt, Justus Liebig University Giessen and the Max Planck Society, supported by the German Cluster of Excellence Strategy Programme. The CPI’s aim is to make groundbreaking contributions to cardiopulmonary science with the long-term goal of reducing morbidity and mortality in cardiopulmonary diseases.

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