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L’uni perce les secrets sexuels de mouches


par Raphaël Pomey – Un prof et son équipe verront les résultats de leur étude sur le désir chez les drosophiles publié dans une revue prestigieuse.

World’s first true aphrodisiac turns fruit flies on

msnbc.com – ‎28 sept. 2011‎
Aroma of ripe and rotting fruit stimulates mating instinct … but it only works for the flies Scientists have found that the fruit-fly species known as Drosophila melanogaster is turned on sexually by the aroma of rotting fruit. 

Scientists have discovered one of the world’s first true aphrodisiacs

io9 – ‎Il y a 8 heures ‎
For most of us, the scent of decomposing organic matter is the last thing on our minds when we’re…in the mood. But now scientists have shown that, at least for fruit flies, the smell of ripe and rotting fruit is the ultimate turn-on. 

Researchers discover fruit fly aphrodisiac

PhysOrg.com – ‎Il y a 16 heures ‎
(PhysOrg.com) — People, mostly of the male persuasion, have been searching the world for a true aphrodisiac for pretty much all of recorded history, unfortunately, the search has been mostly fruitless, which makes this latest discovery by a group of 

For fruit flies, the scent of food is sexy

Ars Technica – ‎Il y a 17 heures ‎
By Kate Shaw | Published September 29, 2011 9:50 AM We’re always hearing about the amazing powers of some new aphrodisiac—oysters, figs, and even turnips have been said to increase the libido. However, there’s not a lot of science to back these claims 

Fruity aphrodisiacs make for frisky flies

Cosmos – ‎28 sept. 2011‎
by Ian Fyfe Drosophila melanogaster image showing sexual dimorphism and mating behavior. New research shows odours from food stimulate neural networks needed to initiate courtship. CAMBRIDGE: Courtship behaviour in male fruit flies is elicited by 

Food makes male flies frisky

Science News – ‎28 sept. 2011‎
By Nick Bascom It’s the smell of food that gets male fruit flies in the romantic mood, says a new study exploring the sexual habits of Drosophila melanogaster. When trying to woo an attractive female the sexually excited male fruit fly becomes a kind 

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