Rigi-Workshop 2011


Biological machines are touted to offer novel technological strategies  provided that their mechanisms can be understood and replicated  outside the cellular context. The principles of how molecular motors, biological nanopores, structural elements etc. operate not only  provide profound insight into our understanding of cellular function,  but can also have a practical impact on molecular device development
for applications in health, security and the environment.

Based on the theme “From biological machines to molecular devices of  the future”, the 3-day Rigi Workshop takes place on top of Mt. Rigi  in Luzern, Switzerland (www.rigikulm.ch) from Jan 23 to 25, 2011 and  is sponsored by the “Platform Biology” and the “Platform Mathematics,  Astronomy and Physics” of the Swiss Academy of Sciences, with co-sponsorship from the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and Nature  Nanotechnology.

Please find all details in the attached flyer or on http://www.biologie.scnat.ch/rigi-workshop

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