Sci Data.: co-auth.: group Franken

 2019 Oct 31;6(1):258. doi: 10.1038/s41597-019-0171-x.

A multi-omics digital research object for the genetics of sleep regulation.


With the aim to uncover the molecular pathways underlying the regulation of sleep, we recently assembled an extensive and comprehensive systems genetics dataset interrogating a genetic reference population of mice at the levels of the genome, the brain and liver transcriptomes, the plasma metabolome, and the sleep-wake phenome. To facilitate a meaningful and efficient re-use of this public resource by others we designed, describe in detail, and made available a Digital Research Object (DRO), embedding data, documentation, and analytics. We present and discuss both the advantages and limitations of our multi-modal resource and analytic pipeline. The reproducibility of the results was tested by a bioinformatician not implicated in the original project and the robustness of results was assessed by re-annotating genetic and transcriptome data from the mm9 to the mm10 mouse genome assembly.

PMID: 31672980