Senior Post-doctoral Researcher position at Maastricht University (Netherlands)

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The Department of Genetics &Cell Biology of the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht (CARIM) has a vacancy for a temporary research position as


Senior Post‐doctoral Researcher

to work in the area of cardiac energy metabolism. The candidate will investigate genetic and/or cell biological aspects of cardiac substrate utilization in health and chronic cardiac disease.

Our current research projects focus on the mechanisms underlying the process of metabolic (mal)adaptation and its relation to cardiac (dys)function in pathophysiological conditions such as diabetic cardiomyopathy (DCM) and Wolff‐Parkinson‐White (WPW) syndrome (glycogen storage disease). Central in the research program are the roles of external and environmental factors (cytokines, high‐fat diet, etc.) in the etiology of DCM, and the development of strategies to normalize the substrate balance in the diabetic heart (‘metabolic modulation’). Various state‐of‐the‐art techniques and cell and (genetic) animal models are available.


Job offer


Funding is available for a 2‐yeartemporary research position according to the terms of employment of Maastricht University. Following a positive evaluation, extension into a tenure track position may be possible.




The successful candidate should have:

– a PhD degree in biomedical sciences or related field (molecular life sciences, biochemistry, medical biology, medicine)

– preferably one or two years of post-doctoral experience

– high motivation to write grant proposals and performcutting‐edge research on a topic relevant for cardiac substrate utilization

– good team collaboration and communication skills.


Application and information:


For further information contact Prof.dr. Jan F.C. Glatz, phone +31–43–388 1998



Website CARIM:

Applications should include a curriculum vitae and a motivation letter and be sent electronically – before March 1, 2014 – to