Sep 10, 2014: SKMB regulation workshop


Wednesday September 10, 2014


Françoise Stütz, UNIGE
Katharina Strub, UNIGE
Alexandre Reymond, UNIL
Nouria Hernandez, UNIL


Dear colleagues,
The 2014 SKMB meeting is taking place on Wednesday, September 10th, starting at 10:30AM (please see the program below).  As in previous years, we have a great lineup of speakers and attendance is free. However, YOU NEED TO REGISTER so that we can organize coffee and such.  To do so, click on the link below:
then click on “registration” on top of the page.  CUSO students, log in.  Everybody else, click on “not a CUSO doctoral student”.
Please forward this message to anybody who might be interested, and hope to see you for a great meeting.
Thank you!

The organizers
Nouria Hernandez, Alexandre Reymond,  Katharina Strub, and Françoise Stutz

SKMB Gene Regulation workshop 2014

Wednesday September 10, 2014

10h00  Welcome coffee

10h30  David PRICE(University of Iowa, USA)

            RNA Polymerase II Elongation Control

11h15  Motti CHODER(Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel)

           Novel concepts in our understanding of gene expression

12h00  Maria CARMO-FONSECA (Institute of Molecular Medicine, Lisbon, Portugal)

            Splicing kinetics in live cells

12h45    Lunch with students

14h30  MarcBUEHLER(Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, CH)

            Non-coding RNA-mediated epigenome regulation

15h15  SandyWOLIN(Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, USA)

            Y stress? New Roles for Noncoding RNAs

16h00    Coffee break

16h30  MichaelLEVINE (University of California at Berkeley, USA)

            Transcriptional precision and dynamics in the Drosophila embryo

17h15  JudithFRYDMAN(Stanford University, Stanford, USA)

            Molecular Origami: protein folding and misfolding in health and disease

18h00    Apéro