Simon Martin, University of Edinburgh (UK), will give a seminar Aud. Biophore, May 29 at 12h15pm

Dr. Simon Martin, from University of Edinburgh (UK), will be visiting the Department of Computational Biology on May 28th and 29th


His research aims to better understand the processes of adaptation and speciation using population genetics.


He uses computational approaches and genomic data to test hypotheses about how natural populations evolve.


To meet with Dr. Martin during these days, please register the following doodle


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Dr. Martin will also be giving a talk in the Department of Ecology and Evolution (more information below)

Title: “Genomic and phenotypic consequences of suppressed recombination on neo-sex chromosomes”

Date : Wednesday May 29th – 12h15


Location: Amphithéâtre – Biophore

Feel free to join and invite anybody who could be interested.