J.-Y. Roignant will give a talk at the Challenge workshop held in Crans-Montana (CH), Jun. 12-16, 2023

Brain Epitranscriptomics: Novel Translational Perspectives

There are hundreds of modifications of various RNA, including mRNA, tRNA and rRNA, which control all aspects of RNA metabolism, from splicing, export, and stability to translation. Emerging evidence from recent studies has implicated critical roles of RNA modifications in various biological processes in the nervous system, from neurogenesis, development, plasticity, learning and memory, regeneration and degeneration to brain tumors, creating a new field of neuroepitranscriptomics. Many genes related to RNA modifications have been implicated in various brain disorders, from microcephaly, and seizures, to psychiatric disorders and brain cancer. This Challenge Workshop will bring together top experts from the field, who will cover the full range of studies

Find further information on the workshop here: https://www.neurosas.org/challenge-workshops/the-workshops/brain-epitranscriptomics-novel-translational-perspectives/