Fri-Sun Sept 17-19, 2010 2nd AnEUploidy Workshop Split Croatia; co-organizer: A.Reymond

”AnEUploidy” is the acronym of an Integrated Project (IP) funded by the European Commission within its Sixth Framework Programme under the thematic area “Life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health”. This four years long project aims to contribute to the understanding of the molecular basis and pathogenic mechanisms of aneuploidies (see It is coordinated by Stylianos E. Antonarakis from the University of Geneva Medical School, Switzerland and groups the multidisciplinary skills of 18 European and Israeli research groups. With the aim of furthering the primary objectives of this project, the members of this consortium plan to organise twice during its lifetime an international workshop. The second of these AnEUploidy workshops will be held in Split, Croatia, September 17-19, 2010 and organized by Alexandre Reymond & Dean Nižetić. It will also include 13 eminent invited speakers, outside the consortium. It should allow the members of the aneuploidy/CNV community to share views, progress, and ideas. It will also include a half day lay language presentations to Down syndrome associations, health specialists and parents. See also :

Mystères de l’UNIL 2010

Mysteres de l’UNIL: Several activities have been proposed by the CIG besides the labs visits (C. Fankhauser, R. Benton, GTF). They was an activity on te circadian rhythm (F. La Spada et S. Dorsaz), a movie “l’ADN vu par Holywood” (L. Michalik) and an activity on the cow genome (A.Reymond). A tree of genetics traits which was part of that activity is now in the Genopode hall.

Many thanks to all people who participated!