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Thu Feb 25 CAOS Snowshoeing evening 17:15 GEN (Pléïades)

Send your answer to the CAOS invitation as soon as possible.

Bonjour fellow Batimenticiens,

The Caos organizes an USB (Universal Snowshoeing evening of the Batiment). Ok, admittedly this adds up as USSEOTB. Can you pronounce it? So we stick to USB.

The Place and Time are:

Date: February 25th 2010
Time: 5.15 pm at G-point or 6pm on the parking “des Motalles”

map and infos on the trip:

After the outdoor experience, it is always a nice idea to soak your clothes in the typical odor of Swiss cuisine, therefore we will have a FONDUE at the restaurant which will especially for us stay open a bit longer.

The trip is very easy and will not leave you breathless in the middle of nowhere, no matter if your condition is sporty or not. The important thing is to have fun with some of your nice colleagues. The trip is 6km and it will take approximately less than two hours to complete.

The location is a place above Montreux, which is supposed to be one of Switzerland’s nicest places and will provide a breathtaking view on the lake and the mountains by night.

You need warm hiking boots, jacket, gloves, pants, hat and a small lamp (headlamp) as well as the snowshoes AND ski sticks (who would have guessed it takes so much).

In case you have an extra pair of snowshoes/ski sticks, it would be great if you could bring them and inform CAOS about it.

In case you need to rent the material, you can do so in les Pléïades. However, it would be good if you informed us while registering, so we can organize a bit. Also, it would be beneficial to know how many people are coming by car so we can share the places and be more ecological.

Those who cannot stand the beautiful panorama without it might bring a pocket flask filled with high percentage liqueur.

Inscription is required as there are a limited number of places available.



Wed JAN 27 CAOS Pizza meeting 12:00

Francesca Capotosti (Herr’s group) :
“Mechanisms of HCF protein proteolytic maturation”.

From CAOS:

Dear all,

the next pizza meeting will take place next Wednesday
(January, 27th) in the 3rd floor seminar room at 12:00.

Francesca Capotosti (Herr’s group) will talk about
“Mechanisms of HCF protein proteolytic maturation”.

As usual, thanks to inform us before next tuesday night if
you plan to attend to this seminar in order to order enough

Looking forward to meeting you there,

CAOS scientific committee.


Mon Jan 25 CIG Ski Day 9:30 Ovronnaz

send your answer to the CAOS invitation before Tuesday January 19th.

Dear all,

A ski day will take place on Monday January the 25th in Ovronnaz.

The program will be the following:
Travel by private car to Ovronnaz.
Day in Ovronnaz (ski, cross country skiing, thermal baths – see also and
Departure at the end of the afternoon and meeting in Vionnaz at the restaurant “Manoir du Vigneron” (ch. des Vergers, 1895 Vionnaz, phone 024 481 22 64) for the evening meal.

For the whole day the ski ticket (for groups 15 people minimum) costs Fr. 38.00. A package for ski + baths is also available (49.00 for groups). For this special price, reply to the CAOS email for registration, and note that you have to be present at 9.30 AM at the ticket office.

You can also buy your ticket individually (45.00 for the whole day ski ticket; 58.00 for the package ski+baths)

The participants will pay their own costs. (Remark : those who are not taking part to this event don’t have a day off).

Please send your answer to the CAOS invitation before Tuesday January 19th.

CAOS for the CIG direction

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Wed JAN 13 CAOS Pizza meeting 12:00

Armand Valsesia (SIB – LICR) : “Analyzing
aneuploid genomes:  challenges and limitations”

From CAOS:

Dear all,

the next pizza meting is scheduled next Wednesday (January,
13th) at 12:00 in the 3rd floor seminar room.

Armand Valsesia (SIB – LICR) will talk about: “Analyzing
aneuploid genomes:  challenges and limitations”.

If you plan to come, please let us know by mail <> before Tuesday evening in order to order enough pizzas.

Looking forward to seeing you for this first pizza meeting
in 2010.