Fri May 27, 2011: ad hoc sem. E.Schadt, GEN

Moving beyond As, Gs, Cs and Ts: A more complete characterization of DNA and RNA variation dramatically improves our understanding of complex phenotypes

Eric Schadt
Chief Scientific Officer, Pacific Biosciences

Friday, 27 May 2011, 14:00
University of Lausanne
Genopode Building, Auditorium B

Keith Harshman
Jacques Beckmann

Thu Jan 13, 2011 Agilent sem. R.Beneke

Agilent seminar :

Title :

Update on the Agilent Technologies Genomic Product Line, including:

  • sequence capture/enrichment systems for UHT sequencing
  • CGH arrays
  • miRNA and mRNA gene expression profiling arrays

Presented by:  Dr. Ralph Beneke, Genomics Product Specialist, Agilent Technologies Switzerland

Date & Time:  Thursday January 13, 2011, 13h30

Location: Génopode Seminar Room 2025


Thu Dec 16, 2010, Presentation of the Doctoral Program in Integrative Experimental and Computational Biology

Thursday December 16, 2010, at 16:00 in GEN Auditorium A (just before the Christmas apero) :

Presentation of the Doctoral Program in Integrative Experimental and Computational Biology

This is an opportunity for students to learn about the objectives and requirements of the IECB program, the resources at its disposal and how it will coordinate its activities with the CUSO StarOmics doctoral program.

Wed Nov 3, 2010 : Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Workshop GEN

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Workshop
Wednesday November 3, 2010
14:00 – 15:30
Génopode Building Room 4026
From Keith Harshman :

Dear Colleagues,

I’d like to invite you to a Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Workshop to be held on November 3 from 14h00-15h30 in Genopode Building Rm 4026.   The focus of the workshop will be on the technical details of optimizing ChIP protocols and will be an opportunity to discuss the range of protocols that have been developed by local ChIP practitioners.  Please note that the analysis of ChIP-seq data is NOT the focus of the workshop.

The workshop will have an informal, ‘round-table’ discussion format to create an atmosphere conducive to the exchange of ideas and experience.  This will give everyone who attends an opportunity to share their experience as well as to listen to others.

To get the discussion going, 3 people who have spent considerable time optimizing ChIP protocols have agreed to present and discuss their perspectives on the technique:  Donatella  Canella (Hernandez Lab), Joëlle Michaud (Herr Lab) and Sunil Raghav (Deplancke Lab).

Please feel free to pass the invitation along to anyone in your lab who might be interested.

Kind regards,
Keith Harshman

Keith Harshman
Lausanne Genomic Technologies Facility
Center for Integrative Genomics
University of Lausanne
CH-1015 Lausanne
++41-21-692-3906 (phone)
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