Welcome to Amaury!

Hi everyone,

I’m Amaury, and I will be joining the bioinformatics group at the GTF for the next 6 months.
I completed my bachelor and masters in ecology and evolution in France. Then I did my PhD and a one-year postdoc with Michel Chapuisat, here at the UNIL where I worked on the genomic basis of queen number variation in ants.

Welcome to Chiara!

Hi everyone,

My name is Chiara and I will be starting my PhD in the Reymond and Kutalik labs in March 2020.

Before joining the Unil, I studied biology at the ETH Zürich, where I obtained my Bachelor degree in 2017 and my Master degree in 2019. During my Master, I worked on 4 different research projects at the EPFL and ETHZ before moving to Princeton University to complete my Master thesis in Coleen Murphy’s lab. There, I studied the role of novel Alzheimer’s disease genes in short-term memory, using C. elegans as a model organism.

During the next couple of years, I look forward to working on improving our understanding of natural genetic diversity and its impact on health and evolution.

Welcome to Bertrand






Bertrand Rochat obtained his PhD at the UNIL in 1997 working at Cery hospital. Then, he experienced various post-doc periods in France, USA and Scotland. He moved back to Switzerland in 2000, worked one year at the EPFL and 2 years at Novartis Pharma in Basel. In 2003, he moved back to set up LC-MS analyses at the CHUV hospital until recently. Now, he is going to start new projects at PAF and with its team (from May 2nd, 2017). Projects are at the interface between clinical and basic researches such as quantitative or discovery screening analyses of native peptides and proteins.