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Welcome to Yndia Buffe

The CIG would like to welcome Yndia Buffe who started working February 9th, 2015 as part the MEF team.

Yndia BUFFE - Photo


Welcome to Catherine Clément

Catherine Clément is joining the CIG on February 20th as a Master student in Dr Liliane Michalik’s lab to work on her project entitled: “Cancer, autophagy and cell proliferation – a study on human melanoma cells”.

We are looking forward to working with her.


Welcome to Frédéric Brun

Frédéric Brun is joining the CIG as a PhD Student in Dr. David Gatfield’s group on February 1st, 2012. He will be working on his thesis project on the translational control within the circadian clock.


Welcome to Solange Kharoubi Hess

Solange Kharoubi Hess is joining the CIG in Prof. Béatrice Desvergne’s lab in January 2012. She is standing in for Carine Winkler during her maternity leave until the end of August.

We are very happy to welcome her.



Welcome to Ngoc-Hien Du

Ngoc-Hien Du is joining the CIG on October 1st as a PhD student in Dr. David Gatfield‘s lab. She obtained her master at the university of Tokyo in March 2011.


Welcome to Greta Giordano

Greta Giordano is joining the CIG on October 1st, 2011 as a postdoc in Prof. Béatrice Desvergne‘s lab. She will be working on the project entitled: “In vivo approaches of PPARb-driven molecular network”.