SNSF Ambizione

With Ambizione, Ambizione-PROSPER, Ambizione-SCORE (hereinafter Ambizione), the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) would like to promote junior researchers in all disciplines. The programme is geared for young researchers who would like to conduct, manage and lead an independently planned project at a Swiss university. Ambizione is aimed at qualified researchers from Switzerland who are spending a stay abroad or have returned after a stay abroad, e.g. within a fellowship for advanced researchers. Moreover, Ambizione would like to attract the best, next-generation foreign talents to carry out research work in Switzerland.

Researchers will be subsidised for a maximum of three years with a salary (research associate level) and project funds. The duration of the grant can be extended by a maximum of two years in justifiable cases. Project funds may also be used to employ support personnel. Candidates with sufficient experience may apply to appoint a PhD student with good reason and under specific conditions.

The approval of applications is always dependent on the agreement of the host institute. A requirement for submitting an application to Ambizione is that confirmation must be received from the host institute, giving the applicant adequate support in the funding of research expenses (e.g. material, equipment, personnel, travel, etc.).

Conditions of participation

  • Doctorate
  • At the time of the submission deadline: Application submitted not later than 5 years after doctorate
  • At the time of the submission deadline (for medical scientists): At least three years of postgraduate clinical/practical activity (qualification as specialist desired). Application submitted no later than 9 years after the state examination
  • Publications at a high level
  • At the time of the submission deadline: Research activities of at least 12 months after conferral of doctorate at a university other than where the candidate obtained the doctorate. These activities will have usually been taken place abroad.

Selection procedureThe selection procedure takes place in two phases. In the first phase, the National Research Council of the SNSF makes an initial selection based on the documents submitted. In the second stage, candidates are invited to an interview to present their research project and career plan. The target figure for the proportion of female candidates is 35 %. Each year, 40 – 50 subsidies will be granted.

Call for applications and submissionAll application documents should be submitted electronically via the web platform mySNF. Submissions will only be accepted in response to a specific call. Applications received outside the application period will be processed during the next application period.

Next call for applications: 15 November 2010
Next submission deadline: 15 February 2011
Start of the subsidy: 1 October 2011 at the earliest

mySNF: To meet the submission deadline a mySNF user account must be requested two weeks before the submission deadline at the latest.

Follow-up proposals

These proposals must be submitted at least six months prior to expiry of the grant.

MAY 26-27, 2010, Bern: SNSF “Journée d’introduction pour jeunes chercheurs et chercheuses”

Les 26 et 27 mai 2010, le FNS accueillera les jeunes chercheuses et chercheurs de toute la Suisse à son siège de Berne. Inédite, la «Journée d’introduction pour jeunes chercheuses et chercheurs» vise à informer les requérant-e-s au plus près de leurs besoins concernant les possibilités d’encouragement du FNS. Dispensé en français et en allemand, l’événement accorde une grande place aux questions individuelles. Inscrivez-vous gratuitement dès à présent! Continue reading

Marie Heim-Vögtlin Programme (SNSF)

To increase the number of women in research, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) annually awards a limited number of Marie Heim-Vögtlin* (MHV) subsidies.

MHV subsidies are aimed for doctoral and postdoctoral candidates within all disciplines funded by the SNSF and aim to facilitate the recipients research project. The MHV subsidies support the integration in a host institution at a Swiss University or ETH. The MHV Programme preferable supports where no other means of such re-integration exist.
In order to achieve sustained re-integration, the host institution has to provide not only a written declaration of acceptance and job confirmation but also a continuing financial commitment following expiration of the MHV subsidy (cf. MHV rules, article 4/2).

Deadline : August 2nd

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Media training du Fonds national suisse pour les chercheurs

Le Fonds national suisse (FNS) organise cette année deux éditions de son cours de “media training” pour les chercheuses et chercheurs des hautes écoles romandes.

Ce cours-bloc de deux jours a pour objectif d’encourager le dialogue entre les scientifiques et les médias. Axé sur la pratique, il fait une large place à des exercices filmés encadrés par des professionnels du journalisme et de la communication.

Grâce à un accord avec le FNS, la participation est gratuite pour les chercheurs de l’UNIL.

Les deux éditions 2010 auront lieu à Lausanne les:

  • 11-12 juin 2010,
  • 10-11 septembre 2010.

Vous trouverez toutes les informations utiles à ce sujet ainsi que le formulaire d’inscription sur le site du FNS à l’adresse :

SNSF Fellowships for prospective researchers

Fellowships for prospective researchers offer young scientists, who are at the point of starting their research career, the possibility to stay at a research institution abroad.

These fellowships for a stay oversea are allocated in all disciplines supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). Funding includes personal maintenance, a fixed sum for travel expenses and may include a contribution towards research and conference expenses. The amount of the fellowship is based on family status, family obligations and cost of living in the host country. For more information about the duration, please contact the local Research Commission (postdoctoral fellowships: 12 to 36 month; doctoral fellowships: 6 to 24 month).

Deadline : September 1st

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SNSF Professorships

The SNSF Professorships of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) enable junior researchers with several years of recognized research experience to make a significant step forward in their academic careers. A SNSF Professorship funds the establishment of an independent team to implement a research project. In addition, it also enables researchers to resume their careers at a Swiss higher education institution on return from a stay abroad.

SNSF Professorships are available for all SNSF-supported disciplines. The funding covers the salary of the applicant (at assistant professor level), a contribution to research costs (incl. collaborators) and a contribution to infrastructure costs.

The duration of this subsidy is four years and can be extended by a maximum of two years. Women are especially encouraged to submit applications. Part-time professorships and exceptions from the academic age may be considered.

Deadline : May 3th

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