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Welcome to CycliX – transcription regulatory networks of three interconnecting cycles

CycliX is a Research, Technology and Development (RTD) project funded by the initiative. It is coordinated by Nouria Hernandez and brings together nine research groups headed by Drs. Mauro Delorenzi, Bart Deplancke, BĂ©atrice Desvergne, Nicolas Guex, Nouria Hernandez, Winship Herr, Felix Naef, Jacques Rougemont, and Ueli Schibler, from four different institutions, UNIL, EPFL, UNIGE, and SIB. These research groups bring their various expertise to study three fundamental cyclic regulatory programs, the circadian cycle, the cell-division cycle, and the nutrient-response cycle, and the interconnections among them.

The phases of each of these cycles are characterized by genomic states that reflect a response to phase-specific signals. These genomic states set up transcriptional programs that then motor the cycle forward to the next phase. Although each individual cycle has been studied extensively, we still know little about the global genomic responses to the cycles and their associated transcriptional regulatory programs, and we know even less about how the three cycle transcription programs interconnect and influence each other. CycliX aims at a quantitative and comprehensive understanding of the global genomic responses and transcriptional programs characterizing each cycle, with a focus on deciphering how and when these transcription programs intersect at a shared “core” regulatory network to assure proper integration and coordination among the three cycling systems.

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