Thur Oct 17, 2013: QuantStudio Digital PCR System – Life Technologies

Dear Colleagues,

Life Technologies will present their new QuantStudio Digital PCR System in the Genopode at 10h30 on Thursday October 17.

Applications for this technology include:

  • Rare-target detection applications,  such as somatic mutation detection
  • Copy Number Variation analysis
  • Pathogen detection and load determination
  • Qualification of molecular standards used in traditional Real-Time PCR experiments

Seminar Title:  Digital PCR Applications using the Life Technologies QuantStudio System

Presented by:  Van Duc Luu, PhD

Location:  Room 2020, Genopode Building

Time and date:  10h30-11h30, Thursday October 17


Information on the QuantStudio Digital PCR System can be found at:


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Keith Harshman

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