-Wed Feb 13, 2013 – JSBeckmann Farewell Symposium





Wednesday February 13, 2013 — Session in Honour of Jacques Beckmann (1st part of the Lausanne Genomics Days)

9h00-9h05 Welcome Alexandre Reymond

9h05-9h15 Address by Pierre-François Leyvraz, Director General of the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV)

9h15-9h45: Inder Verma – Salk Institute – Title: Dedifferentiation, reprogramming, and transdifferentiation: lessons from glioblastoma

9h45-10h15: Nicholas Katsanis – Duke University – Title: Modeling the morbid pediatric genome

10h15-10h45: Jean-Louis Mandel – IGBMC, Strasbourg – Title: Complexity of genetic causes of intellectual disability and related neurodevelopmental disorders: Consequences for personalized medical care

10h45-11h15: coffee break

11h15-11h45: Nicolas Levy – Departement of Medical Genetics, Hôpital d’enfants de la Timone, Marseille – Title: Ten years of Translational Research in Progeria and related disorders

11h45-12h15: Nicholas Hastie – University of Edinburgh – Title: WT1 and mesenchyme in cancer, development and adult homeostasis

12h15-13h30: lunch

13h30-14h00: James Lupski – Baylor University – Title: Personal genomes, precision medicine & genomics in clinical practice

14h00-14h30: Michel Georges – University of Liège – Title: Searching for causative genes and variants in GWAS-identified risk loci: application to inflammatory bowel disease

14h30-15h00: Philippe Froguel – Imperial College – Title: Type two diabetes and obesity: from genetics to personalized medicine

15:00-15:30: Jean Weissenbach – Génoscope – Title: Forcing evolution of central biological processes

15h30-16h00: coffee break

16h00-16h30: Jacqui Beckmann – University of Lausanne – Title: Trajectory of a fortunate scientist

16h30-16h40: Address by Béatrice Desvergne, Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine, University of Lausanne


Lausanne Genomics Days

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