Wed June 9, 2010 CAOS Pizza meeting 12:00

Wed June 9 CAOS Pizza meeting 12:00

Kyriakos Kokkoris (Martin’s group): “Control of Cell Polarity by the Microtubule-associated Protein Tea4p”

Dear all,
Due tu a last minute cancellation, Kyriakos’ pizza meeting has been postponed to next Wednesday (June, 9th) at 12:00 in the 3rd floor seminar room. He will talk about: “Control of Cell Polarity by the Microtubule-associated Protein Tea4p”.

This meeting will be followed to the brainstorming dedicated to the preparation of the students and postdocs meeting with the SAC (cf previous mail). This meeting will be held in the same room just after the end of Kyriakos talk (between 12:30 and 12:45).

We strongly encourage you to attend to both meetings and thank you to register for the pizza meeting before next Tuesday night June 8 in order to offer you enough pizza.

Looking forward to seeing you there,


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