Welcome meeting for the new assistants and postdoctoral fellows (in english)

Ladies and gentlemen,
We are pleased to inform you that the Human ressources department of the UNIL will organize a welcome meeting in English, meant for new  Phd students and  postdoctoral fellows. This meeting will take place
on  Thursday February 20th 2014 , from 8:15 am till 12:15
at room 106 of the Château de Dorigny (ground floor)
The aim of this meeting is to provide information on services and courses offered to them, and about the assistant employment contract.
All PhD students and postdoctoral fellows will be informed by mail (in english).
We thank you to inform your non-French speaking employees to come to this meeting and advertise this session in your department.
You’ll find below the programme of this meeting.
Best regards. 

Welcome meeting for the new PhD students and postdocs, 20th february 2014



Presentation Speaker Time
Welcome Franciska Krings, Vice-rector, 8 : 30
Doctoral programmes Mélanie Bosson, Direction 8 : 50
Offers of the Equal opportunities officefor parents and PhD students Carine Carvalho Arruda, Equal opportunities office 9 : 10
The employment contract Sandra Reinders, HR department 9 : 30
Social insurances Christian de Trey, HR department 9 : 50
Support services to teaching assistants Amaury Daele, Centre for teaching and learning 10 : 05
Break 10 : 25
The UNIL Computer Centre Patrice Fumasoli, Ci (UNIL Computer Centre) 10 : 40
Opportunities to learn french at the UNIL Suzy Charrotton, EFLE 11 : 00
Comunication at the UNIL Sophie Badoux, Unicom 11 : 20
University sports Jean-Sébastien Scharl, Service des sports 11 : 40
Associations present themselves Acidul, Copers 12 : 00