Welcome to Clémentine!

My name is Clémentine Pajot. After graduated from high school, I started a degree in Pharmacy in Nantes (France). Because of my interest in research, I followed in parallel of my pharmacy degree a master’s degree in biology and health that I completed in Bordeaux in Nutrition and Human Health.
During my M2 internship I worked on a project focused on maternal diabetes and depression in the offspring: a preclinical model study in the NutriNeuro lab UMR1286 (Bordeaux-FRANCE) supervised by Pr. Muriel Darnaudéry.
After my M2 degree I continued to work on this project for one year as an assistant engineer in collaboration with Pr. Jamileh Movassat (UMR8251 – Université de Paris-FRANCE) and Jonathan Turner (Luxembourg Institute of Health-LUXEMBOURG).

I started the 1st October 2021 a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Sophie Croizier to study the role of Ephrin B3 in the excitability of POMC neurons and its role in type 2 diabetes etiology.