Welcome to the Fasshauer lab in the Génopode!

The common lab 2022 used to host the Stasiak group as well as Génopode common equipment such as the Saffire TECAN and the GTF’s qPCR machine.

In 2020, the Fasshauer lab joined the DBC department and settled in room 2022.

Using biochemical, morphological, and bioinformatics approaches, the Fasshauer lab address the following questions:
• Does SNARE complex assembly occur stepwise?
• Does SNARE complex formation provide sufficient energy to drive membrane fusion?
• How are SNARE complexes disassembled after membrane fusion?
• How is the SNARE machine controlled by other factors?
• Do vesicle fusion machines involved in other trafficking steps function in a similar way?
• How did vesicle fusion machines evolve?
• How are dysfunctions of the machine linked to disorders?

Further information on the lab members and research is available on the group’s page: https://www.unil.ch/dbc/home/menuinst/research-groups/dirk-fasshauer.html

Rosanna Pescini Gobert, the lab manager of the DBC also has her office in room 2022.