Career Conversations – by S.Ginster (group LM) #1

Nicolas Durand – A start-up is a marathon with the pace of a sprint

In one of the newest episodes of Career Conversations, Stefanie is talking to Dr. Nicolas Durand, founder and CEO of Abionic, on how to build a biotech start-up. In the episode we will hear about how to sense early when things go wrong, so it is possible to change directions, the value of mentors, how to finance a start-up and how to sustain a healthy work-life balance.

Nicolas in one of the most reflective people that were on the show so far and we can learn a lot from home. If you are interested you can find the episode under this link or on iTunes, Stitcher or your podcast player of choice under the name “Career Conversations”.
You can also find the website with all episodes at