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Welcome to Maria José!

My name is Maria José Barahona and I obtained my academic degree from biologist at Universidad de Concepción, Chile. I am a PhD student of the doctoral program in  cellular and molecular biology of the University of conception. For 2 years I have studied the role of GLUT2, expressed in tanycytes, in the control of feeding behavior and ghrelin secretion. Currently, I will work for 5 months in the laboratory of Professor Bernard Thorens investigating the participation of tanycytes in the regulation of food preference.



Welcome to Martina Legris !

Martina got her bachelor in Biology, Master and PhD degrees from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, working at Fundación Instituto Leloir. During her PhD she studied how Arabidopsis plants perceive light and temperature signals and how this affects morphogenesis, focusing on Phytochrome B action. Now, during her postdoc in Prof. Fankhauser´s lab she will study how environmental signals affect leaf development in Arabidopsis, particularly how phototropins control leaf flattening.

Martina Legris


Welcome to Stéphanie!

Stéphanie Scuderi has joined the CIG on June 1st ,2017. She is going to replace Danielle at the secretariat on the 5th floor. She is going to work for B. Thorens’s and F. Hamaratoglu’s groups every mornings and also Thursdays pm. Before joining the CIG, she has worked for many years at a research and development private company in Lausanne.

Photo Stéphanie S.


Welcome to Nikolay!

Nikolay Milev obtained his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at Durham University and his Master and PhD degrees at the University of Cambridge. During his doctoral studies, he investigated the role of redox and metabolic oscillations for the circadian clock, combining basic biochemistry and systems biology approaches. He is now joining Prof Gatfield’s group as a postdoc, where he will be studying the mechanism and functions of translational regulation in the circadian clockwork.



Welcome to Bertrand






Bertrand Rochat obtained his PhD at the UNIL in 1997 working at Cery hospital. Then, he experienced various post-doc periods in France, USA and Scotland. He moved back to Switzerland in 2000, worked one year at the EPFL and 2 years at Novartis Pharma in Basel. In 2003, he moved back to set up LC-MS analyses at the CHUV hospital until recently. Now, he is going to start new projects at PAF and with its team (from May 2nd, 2017). Projects are at the interface between clinical and basic researches such as quantitative or discovery screening analyses of native peptides and proteins.



Welcome to Hélène!

Hélène Moser studied biological analysis (TAB) at the ES Santé in Lausanne.  She worked for 3 years in a medical diagnosis laboratory and found her way in research at the Centre of Psychiatric Neurosciences. She is now joining Dr Michalik’s group as labtechnician in May 2017.