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Leçon inaugurale du Prof. N. Salamin, November 1, 2019


Professeur ordinaire de l’UNIL

Spécialiste de biologie de l’évolution et de phylogénétique, Nicolas Salamin a été nommé professeur ordinaire de l’UNIL le 1er août 2019. Il avait en 2017 pris les commandes du nouveau Département de biologie computationnelle au sein de la Faculté de biologie et de médecine. Lire la suite >>

«La modélisation et le big data
comprendre l’évolution de la biodiversité»

Vendredi 1er novembre 2019, 16h30
Génopode C | UNIL-Sorge | Lausanne

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Entrée libre et gratuite.
Au plaisir de vous y retrouver nombreux !

Génopode Retreat 2019: best poster prizes

The prizes for the best posters were given this year at the Génopode Retreat in Leysin (Sept. 12 & 13, 2019) to:

1st prize: Anne-Sophie Fiorucci (Fankhauser lab)

2nd prize: Sophie Croizier (Thorens lab)




Congratulations to Eleonora Porcu received the SIB Early Career Bioinformatician Award on Sep. 10, 2019!

The CIG is proud to announce that Eleonora Porcu (AR lab) received on Sep. 10, 2019 the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Early Career Bioinformatician Award.
Congratulations to her!
Further information on the Early Career Bioinformatician Award:

Congratulations to Liliane Michalik on her role of Director of the School of Biology at the UNIL

Nouvelle direction à l’Ecole de biologie

La Prof. Liliane Michalik et la Prof. Angela Ciuffi ont été nommées respectivement Directrice et vice-Directrice de l’Ecole de biologie, dès le 1er août 2019, pour un mandat de deux ans.

Complete article:


Welcome to Giriram Kumar!

Giriram Kumar Mohana Sundara Shanmugam obtained his Master degree in molecular biology from University of Madras (India) in 2010. Between 2010 and 2013, he worked as Junior research fellow in the lab of Prof. Usha Vijayaraghvan at the Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore). There, he worked on RNAi and splicing regulating in S.pombe.

Later, he joined the lab of Jean-Yves Roignant as a research assistant at the Institute of Molecular Biology (Mainz, Germany) and studied the function of 7SK small nuclear RNA protein complex in fruit flies did a PhD in the same lab. He graduated in September 2019 and has joined the Gambetta lab in October 2019.


Welcome to Sebastian Soyk and his group!

The CIG is delighted to announce the arrival of the Soyk lab at the CIG.

Read more about Sebastian Soyk’s research:
The group is hosted on the 4th floor of the Genopode building. New lab members will join the group in the following months but Ludivine Lebeigle, the new lab technician, is already present.

We warmly welcome the Soyk lab and hope you have reserved a warm welcome for them as well!