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Congratulations to C.Dessimoz on his Overton prize!

The Overton Prize was established by the ISCB in memory of G. Christian Overton, a major contributor to the field of bioinformatics and member of the ISCB Board of Directors who died unexpectedly in 2000. The annual prize is awarded for outstanding accomplishment to a scientist in the early to mid stage of his or her career, with a guideline of up to a decade post degree, who has already made a significant contribution to the field of computational biology either through research, education, service, or a combination of the three.

We are very proud to announce that Prof. C. Dessimoz received the Overton prize 2019.

Congratulations to him!


CIG Snow Day 2019

Thanks to all the participants at the CIG Snow Day 2019 (Sledge – Snowshoeing – Ski)






Welcome Antoine!

My name is Antoine Rohrbach. I have just joined Prof Bernard Thorens’ group as a lab technician and I will work with Fanny Langlet. I got my CFC last year in the lab of Prof Ivan Rodriguez at the Neurobiology Department of the UNIGE.



Welcome to Céline!

Hello, my name is Céline Lukowicz and I have joined Prof. Liliane Michalik’s lab as a postdoctoral researcher in February 2019.

After graduating in biology and pharmacological innovation, I worked in Dr. Hervé Guillou’s team during my PhD in Integrative Toxicology and Metabolism at the Institute for Agricultural Research, University of Toulouse (France) till July 2018.

My PhD research project focused on the sexually dimorphic role of the nuclear receptor CAR (Constitutive Androstane Receptor) in energy homeostasis and xenobiotic detoxication. I investigated the metabolic role of the nuclear receptor CAR and the long-term effect of a chronic dietary exposure to pesticides in vivo, with a special emphasis on the role of CAR on the sexually dimorphic deleterious effects of this pesticide cocktail.

At the CIG, my postdoctoral project is to investigate the mechanism underlying the initiation of a pro-tumorigenic cascade in response to UV insults in skin cells.


Thesis defense of Amel Kawter BEKKAR, Jan. 18, 2019 – 15:00 Aud. C, Génopode


Welcome to Lucia!

My name is Lucia Leal-Esteban and I have joined Prof. Fajas lab as a postdoctoral researcher in January 2019. After obtaining a B.Sc in microbiology in Colombia and a M.Sc in Clinical Laboratory at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, I came to Lausanne to obtain a Ph.D in Molecular Life Sciences.
Under the supervision of Prof. Constam at the EPFL, my Ph.D focused on studying the role of an RNA-binding protein, Bicc1, in the development of polycystic kidneys. By conducting structure-function analysis and proteomic screenings, I studied the regulation of renal gluconeogenic enzymes and lipid metabolism by Bicc1, in the murine neonatal stage. During my postdoctoral research, my goal is to contribute to understand the role of the cyclin-dependent kinase 4, CDK4, in cancer metabolism.