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Thesis defense of Kaan Mika, Friday Nov. 6, 2020 – 4:30 pm in Aud. B, Génopode

Kaan Mika  will present his public thesis defense entitled: “Identification of regulatory factors involved in the singular expression of members of an olfactory receptor gene cluster”. The presentation will be held in English and it will take place on Friday November 6th 2020 at 16h30 at Genopode building (UNIL), Auditorium B.


Go CIG (and DBC) riders!

We express our warmest support to the CIG members who participate in the Bike to work challenge 2020 this month:

  • “CIG 5th floor” team: Katharina Huber (LF), René Dréos (DG), Sevasti Gaspari (BT), Valentin Barquissau (BT)
  • “Cyclistes Incroyablement Géniaux (CIG)” team: Julie Papet (CIGGEN), Johanna Krahmer (CF), Christian Fankhauser, Ana Lopez Vasquez (CF), Emmanuel Beaudoing (GTF)

We also have a thought for the DBC members riding for the “Génopode bikers” team: Mattia Tomasoni (SB), Théo Gaboriau (NS), Daniele Tavernari (GC), Sarah Schmid (NS).

Further information on the challenge:


bike to work is a Swiss wide health promotion campaign . Each year more than 70,000 commuters pedal to work and back home by bike in May and June. Through bike to work, about 2400 companies strengthen their staff’s team spirit and fitness, while supporting sustainable mobility practice.


The company registers the whole staff for the annual Challenge and covers the participation fee. The staff of the company forms teams of 4 and travel to work and back home by bike as often as possible. They record all kilometres covered online on the Challenge calendar. Those who have biked on at least half of their workdays will take part in the draw for prizes worth a total of over CHF 140,000.


bike to work is a project of Pro Velo Switzerland. bike to work has established itself as a simple and effective health promotion campaign for small and large companies alike. Pro Velo Switzerland represents the interests of cyclists. Its goal is to promote the bike as an ecological, energy-saving and healthy means of travel.


Congratulations to B.Desvergne and T.Auer on their FBM awards!

The CIG warmly congratulates Béatrice Desvergne and Thomas Auer on their FBM awards:

Equality Award : Béatrice Desvergne
In recognition for her sustained contribution toward promoting gender equality


Young Researcher in Basic Sciences Award: Thomas Auer
For his pioneering work establishing a new neurogenetic system model with Drosophila sechellia


Complete list of awardees available on : 


Congratulations to both F.Langlet and A.Vjestica on their ERC Starting grant !

Both Fanny Langlet (group Thorens) and Aleksandar Vjestica were awarded with an ERC starting grant.
We all wish them the best in their projects: respectively “Tanycyte/arcuate Neuron communications in the regulation of energy balance (TANGO)” and “Zygotic Cell Fate and Parent-Biased Gene Expression in Fission Yeast (ZygoticFate)”.

F. Langlet’s award was also presented on the UNIL website “L’Actu”:
List of the awardees: 
Further information on the ERC Starting grants:


Nouria Hernandez was interviewed in “Tribune de Genève” regarding her last year as Rector of the UNIL

Dernière ligne droite pour la rectrice

Nouria Hernandez, rectrice de l’UNIL, tire sa révérence. L’occasion de revenir sur un mandat marqué par la situation inédite du semi-confinement.




Welcome to Daehan !

Dear CIG family,
My name is Daehan Lee, and I am a new postdoc in the Benton lab.
I obtained my Bachelor and PhD from Seoul National University, where I sought the genetic basis and natural variation of Caenorhabditis elegans hitchhiking behavior in Junho Lee’s lab.
Following my PhD, I carried out three years of post-doctoral research with the Erik Andersen group at Northwestern University. There, I investigated the natural genetic variation across wild C. elegans strains and studied how natural selection shapes the genomes and phenotypes of the species.
In the Benton lab, I will dissect the genetic and molecular basis of nervous system evolution in drosophilids through the cross-species quantitative neurogenetics.