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The CIG is looking for an Independent Investigator in Life sciences. Applications’ deadline 13.09.2020

Independent Investigator

University of Lausanne (UNIL), Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

The Center for Integrative Genomics (CIG) of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne actively promotes careers of junior independent investigators.

We are seeking to host a new Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) ”Eccellenza” Professor and encourage applications from excellent researchers in the life sciences. Please consult the eligibility criteria and details for the upcoming call at:

The CIG currently hosts twenty research groups, including two principal investigators who are supported by SNSF ”Eccellenza” grants. More information about the department is available here:

We encourage prospective applicants to submit their letters of interest by Sep 15, 2020, containing a CV, a short project presentation (up to three pages) and the names of 3 referees. Please send the documents as a single pdf file to

Interviews will be conducted during Oct-Nov 2020 at the CIG or online, contingent on the health situation. The CIG faculty will decide shortly after which candidate(s) will be sponsored by the department for application for an SNSF Eccellenza Professorship (submission deadline 1st Feb 2021).

In the case of a successful Eccellenza grant application, the CIG commits to offering space, state-of-the-art facilities, logistical and administrative support, access to technical platforms in genomics, proteomics and imaging, necessary animal housing, as well as one year’s salary beyond the five-year funding period of the Eccellenza grant.


Life Science Career Day, Oct. 21 , 2020, SwissTech convention center (EPFL) – REGISTRATION OPEN

A FREE event to get ready for your professional future!

  • Boost your career and get guidance. Learn how to communicate successfully with prospective employers, get ready for a job interview, and valorize your competences.
  • Discover positions in the corporate world, non-profit organisations & the public sector.
  • Expand your network! The networking forum is a perfect occasion to exchange insights with professionals & alumni from many organizations and companies.
  • In summary: The main goal of the LSCD is to provide guidance, tools & networking opportunities. Such information will help you to build a career after having obtained your degree or a postdoctoral experience.


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K. Mika’s artwork was mentioned and featured on the SNSF webpage “imaging science”

Spectacular photographs, provocative videos and intimate stories shed new light on contemporary research.

The jury for this year’s SNSF Scientific Image Competition has awarded four first prizes and seven distinctions.
The prize in the “Women and men of science” category went to a portrait by Kaan Mika (Benton lab), a PhD student at the University of Lausanne, which is a “clear challenge to the usual representation of scientists in their lab”.

KM: “I enjoy sharing the beauty of science and making it accessible to the public through photography”, says winner Kaan Mika, a biologist and self-taught photographer. “I started doing portraits of my colleagues, not only to highlight the human aspect of research but also to give them a chance to explain what they’re actually doing in the lab.”

All the entries to the competition are available in an online gallery on Flickr. They can be used for non-commercial purposes and by the media provided the author is attributed (Creative Commons licence). The images will be on display at the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography in 2021, as the 2020 edition has been postponed due to the efforts to combat the coronavirus. In the meantime, the prizewinning works will be exhibited by the Eye on Science association at the Zurich Film Festival from 24 September to 4 October 2020. The award ceremony will also be held there.

Full article:


Featured top right: a picture of N.Voisin when doing her PhD studies in A. Reymond’s lab (CIG)



Reminder about the Graduate Campus

Free workshops for UNIL PhD students and post-doctoral fellows are available on the Graduate campus website.

Units focussing on the thesis, career, research and community are available.
Do not miss these opportunities :




Career Conversations – by S.Ginster (group LM) #4

Jens Kleis Fredriksen: Life After PhD – What To Do Next?

In today’s interview, Stefanie talks to career coach Jens Kleis Fredriksen about how to find out which skills you want to use in your future job and which job matches your skills.

Jens used to work in industry and then noticed that this work is not fulfilling to him. After some souls searching he realised that the thing he really wants to do is to be a career coach and recruiter and help other people to find a career that feels truly fulfilling to them.

So, if there is one person out there, who understands the struggles of feeling lost professionally, it is Jen.

Watch the conversation: 

Link to the blog:


LS2 “PIs of Tomorrow “, Zurich Feb. 13-14, 2020 – Applications must be received by November 1st, 2019

We are pleased to announce the call for applications to the “PIs of tomorrow: The Future of Swiss Research” session at the next LS2 Annual Meeting 2020, taking place in Zurich, 13-14 February. This session offers postdocs interested in following an academic career the opportunity to present a plenary talk similar in format to a professorship interview seminar. Selected participants will have the chance to get a slot for a 15-minute presentation, which should appeal to a broad audience and in which both the achievements accomplished and the proposed future research are to be explained. The talk will be followed by an open discussion on various aspects of the proposed activity, as well as on career-oriented perspectives of the presenter. A knowledgeable jury panel of professors will evaluate the presentations.

The best presentation will be awarded a prize. However, everyone is a winner, as all presenters in the session will receive feedback from the jury in a one-on-one private session afterwards. Please, find all the information about the last PIs of tomorrow 2019 at The 2020 edition and call will be published in August under the same link.

As a participant in the FEBS3+ LS2 Annual Meeting 2020, you will have the opportunity to interact with scientists in and outside your field, and to expand or refresh your network not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany and Austria since, for the first time next year, we are welcoming the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM) and the Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology (ÖGMBT) as co-organizing societies. Of course, you will also enjoy a two-day meeting in the beautiful city of Zurich! If you are selected, your travel and accommodation fees will be paid by the LS2 organisation.


The following documents are required for the application:

  1. Cover letterhighlighting your interest and eligibility (1 page)
  2. Research statement including past work and future research plans with their scientific impact and significance (max. 300 words)
  3. CV with a publication list(max. 2 pages)

Only applicants having ties to Switzerland will be considered (i.e. Swiss citizenship, Swiss residency, past or on-going affiliation with a Swiss institution of at least two years by the 2020 meeting).

Selection criteria:

  • Scientific quality of proposed research;
  •  Novelty and creativity;
  • Relevance and impact;
  • Research output;
  • Collaborations, networks and outreach;
  • Teaching and leadership;
  • Mobility

To apply, please follow the guidelines in the application link below, where you will be asked to upload your documents in a single pdf file (max. 5 MB):

Applications must be received by November 1st, 2019.

Questions to the session should be addressed to

We are looking forward to your application and hope to welcome you in Zurich!

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Elisa Araldi (ETHZ), Dr. Sophia Verouti (UNIBE), Dr. Nabil Hanna (UNIGE), and Dr. Shalu Jhanwar (UNIBAS), Chairs of the PIs of tomorrow 2020

Dr. Carolin von Schoultz and Dr. Elena Cardenal (, LS2 Scientific Officers and organizers of the FEBS3+ LS2 Annual Meeting 2020