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Sept 14-15, 2018 Life Sciences PostDoc/Innovation Day 2018, Zurich

Dear postdoctoral fellows and PhD students,

We are pleased to announce and invite you to the Life Sciences PostDoc Day 2018 , which will be held at ETH Zurich main building on the 14th of September. This is an exciting networking and information-based event, offering opportunities for meeting new colleagues and academic resources, learning about their work, initiating exchanges and collaborations that can push your research and career further. This year’s PostDoc Day has been re-invented and expanded to focus on scientific collaboration and transitioning from the postdoctoral period into future careers.

For the first time we are also organizing a second complementary meeting called Life Sciences Innovation Daywhich takes place on the 15th of September at ETH Zurich main building. The Innovation Day brings together leaders from academia and industry to discuss current challenges and develop new concepts for an ecosystem fostering open science and innovation. Innovation Day provides more opportunities for those seeking networks between academia, industry, and clinical medicine.

Together, these two days form the first “Open Innovation in Life Sciences” conference. These back-to-back partner events complement each other and give young researchers unique opportunities to network amongst themselves and take inspiration from leaders in academia and industry. Come explore cross-disciplinary collaborative projects and career paths, and join a sustainable community of like-minded young life scientists!

You can register and submit your abstract by following this link:

Kind regards,

The organizing committee

Monica Ghidinelli (ETHZ), Joyce Kao (NYU/ETHZ), Mateusz Wietecha (ETHZ), Rodrigo Villasenor (UZH), Nino Nikolovski (ETHZ), Evan Williams (ETHZ), Andrea Aloia (ETHZ), Laura De Vargas Roditi (USZ/UZH), Marieke Buffing (ETHZ), Sukalp Muzumdar (ETHZ), Tobias Weiss (USZ/UZH), Servan Grüninger (reatch/UZH/EPFL), Christian Feller (ETHZ)



14-15 Feb. 2019: LS2 Annual Meeting 2019, Zurich “PIs of Tomorrow: The Future of Swiss Research”

Dear life sciences postdoctoral fellows,

We are pleased to announce the call for applications to the “PIs of Tomorrow: The Future of Swiss Research” session at the next LS2 Annual Meeting 2019, taking place in Zurich, 14-15 February. This session offers postdocs interested in an academic career an opportunity to present a plenary talk similar in format to a professorship interview seminar. Selected participants will have the chance to get a slot for a 15-minute presentation, which should appeal to a broad audience and in which both the achievements accomplished and the proposed future research are to be explained. The talk will be followed by a 10-minute discussion on various aspects of the proposed activity, as well as on career-oriented aspects of the presenter. A knowledgeable jury panel of professors will evaluate the presentations.

The best presentation will be awarded a prize. However, everyone is a winner, as all presenters in the session will receive feedback from the jury in a one-on-one private session afterward. Moreover, as a participant of the LS2 Annual Meeting 2019, you will have the opportunity to expand or refresh your network in Switzerland, to interact with scientists in and outside your field, and to enjoy a two-day meeting in the beautiful city of Zurich. Only applicants having ties to Switzerland will be considered (i.e. Swiss citizenship, Swiss residency, past or on-going affiliation with a Swiss institution of at least two years by the 2019 meeting).

The following documents are required for the application:

1. Cover letter highlighting your interest and eligibility (1 page)
2. Research statement including past work and future research plans with their scientific impact and significance (max. 300 words)
3. CV with a publication list (max. 2 pages)

Selection criteria:

  • Scientific quality of proposed research
  • Novelty and creativity
  • Relevance and impact
  • Research output
  • Collaborations, networks and outreach
  • Teaching and leadership
  • Mobility

To apply, please follow the guidelines in the application link below, where you will be asked to upload your documents in a single pdf file (max. 5 MB):

Applications must be received by November 1st, 2018. Questions to the session should be addressed to If you are selected, your travel and accommodation fees will be paid by the LS2 organization. We are looking forward to your application and hope to welcome you in Zurich!

Yours sincerely,

Nino Nikolovski, Aleksandra Konovalova and Elisa Araldi

ETH Zurich AMB & chairs of the 2019 PIoT session

Carolin von Schoultz

Scientific Officer LS2 & Organizer of the LS2 Annual Meeting 2019


Nestlé Skin Health – World Trade Center – Lausanne, June 28, 2018

“Innovation while having fun”, June 28, 2018 
You will discover Innovation’s prevalence in industry whether you are an employee, a customer or a patient. Learn from the expert perspectives of our panelists as well as have the opportunity to meet and network with them and other peers from the healthcare sector.  

1.Apostolos Pappas– Program Head SHIELD – Nestlé Skin Health

2.Delphine Kerob– Medical Affairs Director, Rx – Nestlé Skin Health

3.Emmanuelle Antille– Cinema Producer

4. Marcin Pietrzyk– Founder and CEO at Unit8 SA

5.Afshan Heuer-Head of Education at Musée d’Elysée

6. Harald SchnidarCEO @ SCARLETRED


Academic career handbook – La Relève Académique, FBM UNIL

© Olivier Le Moal

«J’aimerais faire une carrière académique»

Cette petite phrase, nous l’entendons trop rarement venant de nos jeunes collègues. Vouloir faire carrière peut paraître présomptueux, voire suranné aux yeux de certains.

Et pourtant, un développement professionnel harmonieux est certainement gratifiant et contribue à la qualité de vie de chacun. Les carrières académiques ne font pas exception: il n’est jamais trop tôt pour y penser, pour en parler, pour s’y projeter.

Ce Guide présente les différentes étapes d’une carrière académique. Conçu selon une architecture modulaire, il constitue avant tout un outil d’information sur support numérique. Il expose aussi bien certains éléments pouvant motiver un choix de carrière qu’il en détaille de manière très pragmatique les différentes étapes au sein de la Faculté de biologie et de médecine (FBM) de l’Université de Lausanne (UNIL).

Il aborde ces différents aspects selon deux points de vue différents: celui de la personne confrontée à des choix de carrière et celui de la personne chargée de diriger et guider les collègues débutant ou poursuivant leurs activités professionnelles.

De ce fait, il s’adresse à un public extrêmement large: les jeunes diplômé·e·s se demandant comment et pourquoi envisager cette voie y trouveront des éléments permettant d’alimenter leur réflexion. Les personnes possédant déjà une certaine expérience professionnelle pourront, grâce aux informations répertoriées sous le titre générique «Comment ça marche», se renseigner avec précision sur les actions nécessaires à leur progression académique. Finalement, les plus seniors parmi les membres de nos différents corps facultaires pourront l’utiliser comme un soutien à leurs actions de guidance et mentorat.

Nous l’avons voulu comme un outil de promotion académique et souhaitons à tous ses utilisateur·trice·s une bonne lecture et surtout, une carrière académique fructueuse et pleine de satisfactions.

Points forts

Qu’allez-vous trouver dans ces pages ?

Des informations, des repères, des idées et des outils afin de faire éclore vos talents et réaliser vos «à-venirs».

Par ce Guide, nous souhaitons faire converger vos souhaits et nos besoins, pour que la transversalité des savoirs et l’excellence académique préparent les réussites et innovations de demain.


Site internet: lien

Guide en PDF: lien


Graduate Campus : a new tool for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows

Graduate Campus

The University of Lausanne offers a number of workshops designed for doctoral candidates and postdocs of all faculties.

These workshops are free of charge for doctoral candidates enrolled at UNIL and postdocs with a valid contract.

  • Get started and complete with more confidence with The Thesis from A-Z
  • Enhance your knowledge and broaden your research opportunities with Spice up your research
  • Clarify your pathway and get the tools to help you Develop your career
  • Meet others in the university Community and organise your own transdisciplinary training with Graduate Campus support

You’ll find the Autumn 2018 calendar here (information and registration).

If you have any questions, please check first on our FAQ!


BSNL Biotech Chat: Medical affairs June 26, 2018 at 6pm in Bugnon 27, Lausanne

Are you interested to learn more about career opportunities for Life Scientists in Medical affairs?


If so, you should join our upcoming Biotech Chat dedicated to Medical affairs!

Register here


BSNL Biotech Chats are career and networking events where experts and peers can exchange their ideas and experiences in an informal setting. They offer a unique opportunity to get first-hand insights into various professions in Life Sciences, which may help to discover your own prospective career paths.

During this Biotech Chat on medical affairs, you will have the opportunity to listen to the talks and network with the following two outstanding speakers:

Monique Coersmeyer, Medical Scientific Liaison at Novartis

 Monique Coersmeyer has a Medical Scientific Liaison position at Novartis in the Cardio and Metabolic field already for three years. She obtained her PhD at the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research at EPFL where she was studying drug targets in Notch1-driven T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Clémentine Perrier, Clinical Research Scientist at Eli Lilly

Clémentine Perrier obtained her PhD at Nestlé in 2007 in the field of mucosal immunology.
After two Post-doctoral positions in Lausanne and in Belgium, she transitioned in the industry and joined AbbVie first as Scientific Project Manager and then as Medical Scientific Liaison. She is now Clinical Research Scientist at Eli Lilly and Company.


The event will take place on Tuesday, June 26th, 18:00-19:30, room Lipari at Bugnon 27 (CHUV)

Each Biotech Chat is followed by an apéro to give you a chance to discuss and network with the speakers and the participants.

For organizational reasons, please register here.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

BSNL team