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Sept 2, 2019 Gene Regulation Workshop

Dear all,

The 2019 Gene Regulation Workshop will take place on Monday September 2. As in previous years, we have a great lineup of speakers and attendance is free. However, YOU NEED TO REGISTER BY AUGUST 25 so that we can organize coffee and such. To do so, use the link below:

then click on “registration” on top of the page (click on “not a CUSO doctoral student”).

Hope to see you for a great meeting.


The organizers

Martine Collart, Christian Fankhauser, David Gatfield, Ramesh Pillai, Florian Steiner


BIG SEMINARS 2019-2020

BIG seminars 2019-2020 (Download the poster)

Every first Monday of the month
16h15, Auditorium Biophore Building
UniL-Sorge at Dorigny

Dr. Mathew Garnett will give a seminar – 12:15p.m. in Aud. A Génopode, on May 16, 2019

DBC Seminars

Dr. Mathew Garnett (Sanger UK), on May 16, 2019 at 12:15


More about Mathew Garnett (Sanger UK)


Title: “Functional genomics approaches to identify targetable dependencies in cancer cells”

Date : Thursday May 16th – 12h15

Location: Auditoire A – Génopode


Abstract of the talk:

We have an increasingly detailed description of the molecular alterations that occur across the diversity of human cancer genomes. An important and challenging next step is to convert this wealth of information into new therapeutic hypothesises to guide patient care. My laboratory integrates cancer genomics, experimental functional genomics and mechanistic studies to elucidate vulnerabilities operative in cancer cells.  These efforts are part of our Cancer Dependency Map (DepMap) initiative which aims to assign a dependency to every cancer cell in a patient and which could be exploited to develop new therapies (

In my presentation, I will focus on our recent efforts performing genome-wide CRISPR-Cas9 screens across hundreds of cancer cell lines to systematically identify dependencies and new oncology drug targets. This has led to the identification of Werner syndrome helicase as a new candidate synthetic-lethal target in microsatellite unstable tumours.


To meet with Dr. Garnett during the day, please do register the following doodle 



No need to register to attend the talk – feel free to join and invite anybody who could be interested.



Dr Gitalee Sarker will give a seminar – 12:15pm, room 5022 in Genopode building on May 16, 2019


Career Conversations Seminar, May 9, 2019

Graduate campus and Career conversations organize a new seminar on the UNIL campus

“If you don’t know what kind of job you want to do in the future, or if you are uncertain how to actually get the job of your dreams, this is the seminar for you.” Further information and registration:[showUid]=97
The seminar will take place at May 9th, 5:30pm at the Doringy campus.
You can register with you Graduate Campus account

Career Conversations seminar May 9th


Nadia Ben Abderrahman will give a seminar – 12 p.m. room 3027, Genopode on Apr. 9, 2019


Nadia Ben Abderrahman

Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice

” The role of autophagy in osteosarcoma”

Thuesday April 9th, 2019

At 12h

Genopode Building

Room 3027, 3rd floor

All interested people are cordially invited.

Host: Prof. Maria Cristina Gambetta