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CANCELLED Mon March 9, 2020 CIG Sem. C. Gilissen

CIG Seminars Spring 2020

Monday 12:15, Génopode, auditorium B

Free entrance

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Monday March 9, 2020, at 2 PM (Joint DBC/CIG seminar)
Christian Gilissen, Radboud University Medical Centre, The Netherlands
«Computational approaches for resolving the genetic causes of neurodevelopmental disorders»
Host: Sven Bergmann


Thesis defense of Pasquelena De Nittis, Friday Feb. 28, 2020 – 3:00 pm in Aud. B, Génopode

Elena De Nittis  will present her public thesis defense entitled: “Genetics of IDDCA syndrome”.
The presentation will be held in English and it will take place on Friday February 28th 2020 at 15h00 at Genopode building (UNIL), Auditorium B.
The defense will be followed by an apéro (starting around 16h00). Please fill in the following doodle to indicate your attendance:


Life Science Career Day, Oct. 21 , 2020, SwissTech convention center (EPFL)

A FREE event to get ready for your professional future!

  • Boost your career and get guidance. Learn how to communicate successfully with prospective employers, get ready for a job interview, and valorize your competences.
  • Discover positions in the corporate world, non-profit organisations & the public sector.
  • Expand your network! The networking forum is a perfect occasion to exchange insights with professionals & alumni from many organizations and companies.
  • In summary: The main goal of the LSCD is to provide guidance, tools & networking opportunities. Such information will help you to build a career after having obtained your degree or a postdoctoral experience.


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Henrique VALIM will give a seminar at 11:00am, room 5022 on Tue. Feb. 2020


Henrique VALIM
Postdoc candidate

Max Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany

Ecological function of the circadian clock in the wild tobacco Nicotiana attenuata

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
At 11:00, Room 5022

Bâtiment Le Génopode
1015 Lausanne Dorigny

Host : Prof. David Gatfield


Mon March 2, 2020 BIG Sem. J. Langdale

BIG seminars 2019-2020 (Download the poster)

Every first Monday of the month
16h15, Auditorium Biophore Building
UniL-Sorge at Dorigny
Free entrance

February 4th, 2020 : Dr. Leopold Parts


Dr. Leopold Parts
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK

“Scaling up CRISPR/Cas screens to measure natural variation in human gene essentiality”

Genetic screens based on CRISPR/Cas technology are a powerful tool for understanding cellular phenotypes. However, the coverage and replicate requirements result in large experiment sizes, which are limiting when samples are scarce, or the protocols are expensive and laborious. I will discuss our attempts to reduce the scale of genome-wide screens, with the aim of rendering hundreds of them achievable in human induced pluripotent stem cells. To do so, we measure and predict Cas9 editing outcomes, build a statistical model of noise and information sharing across many CRISPR/Cas experiments, and design a reduced gRNA library that allows evaluating two edits in each cell. I will also present preliminary findings from using these advances to measure the variation in gene essentiality in cells from tens of healthy donors.

Tuesday February 4th 2020
At 4pm

Génopode Building
Auditorium A

All the interested people are cordially invited.
Host : Prof. Jolanda van Leeuwen