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UCI-CCBS: 10th Annual Southern California Systems Biology Symposium – 05.03.2021: Register now!

The annual symposium, now in its 10th year, brings together researchers from across Southern California—from Santa Barbara to San Diego—to share research, build community, and stimulate collaborations. The symposium will be held virtually via zoom and poster session on the Gather Town platform Friday March 5thand will include thematic sessions of talks and a poster session.

Select poster abstracts will be featured in a lightning talk format prior to the virtual poster session.

Register today – it’s free!

Organizing Committee
Mark Alber, UC Riverside
Andrea Bild, City of Hope
Aleksandra Karolak, City of Hope
Alex Hoffmann, UCLA
Arthur Lander, UC Irvine
Russell Rockne, City of Hope
Andrei Rodin, City of Hope
Nagarajan Vaidehi, City of Hope


Génopode’s 4th #HappyThursday – Thu. Mar. 4, at 6:30p.m.

The social committee is proud to propose to the Genopode community a second edition of its incredible Pub quiz!

Update your calendar and quickly find your teammates before the best are all taken (or just enroll as free member, you will be gathered in a very eclectic team – which might bring you victory)!

Registration by March 3, 2021: https://doodle.com/poll/225s4m6ue47kbx7x


Registration is now open for FameLab Switzerland 2021! Deadline Mar. 15, 2021

Registration is now open for FameLab Switzerland 2021! 

Are you passionate about science? Do you think it is your duty to share it with society? Do you love to entertain your family and friends with the latest scientific discovery or fun science facts? Would you like to challenge yourself and test your public speaking skills?

Come and join FameLab 2021, one of the biggest science communication competitions in the world and become the new face of science in Switzerland! The best participant will have the honor of representing Switzerland at the FameLab International final at the Cheltenham Science Festival.

The competition is open to everyone studying or working in STEM subjects (Life Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Geosciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Social Sciences).  

Win over the crowd and the judges with an original 3-minute talk on a scientific topic of your choice. Be scientifically accurate, but clear and charismatic

Let go of the PowerPoint safety net; you can bring on stage props or your best costume!

Get inspired by FameLab 2020 International winner and FameLab Switzerland 2020 winner Sauradeep Majumdar (EPFL), FameLab Switzerland 2019 winner Outman Akouissi (EPFL), FameLab Switzerland 2018 winner Dmitry Kopelyanskiy (UNIL) and more!

Because of the current situation, FameLab will adapt its format and go virtual this year.

The deadline for submitting your application is Monday 15th March 2021

The online FameLab Romandie semi-finals 2021 will take place between the 22nd and 26th of March 2021.

Why take part? Watch the video https://buff.ly/2TqgAwx⠀

Live streaming of Swiss 2020 final https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMgI9xdPp_E


Please make sure you are free on each planned date, and check your eligibility and the detailed competition rules.

For more information on FameLab 2021 in Switzerland visit the British Council dedicated page and BSNL website

Any questions? Contact info@bsnl.ch.


Génopode’s 3rd #HappyThursday

When? on the 18.02.2021 at 18:30
What? A murder mystery dinner Zoom conference!

“Oswald Zevern is the charismatic founder of Zevern Technologies, which has digitized child care. Zevern’s advanced child care app changed the world of babysitting. Of course, the app is supposed to be used in conjunction with a living breathing babysitter, but not everyone does that and it’s amazing how well the app keeps children entertained! It was great! Until Oz was found murdered during an employee retreat in Colorado. You’re a department head for Zevern Technologies. The company was supposed to go public in a month, a huge business deal that would bring in millions, perhaps billions, and make you and every other person at this meeting rich. It’s only a week after the murder and there’s an emergency conference meeting. What do you do now? Are you going to continue forward? Things will happen in the game that raise the stakes and affect you! CAN YOU FIGURE OUT WHO MURDERED OZ BEFORE THEY MURDER YOU?

This is a ≈ 1.5h – 2h long guided role-playing experience.
You play a role assigned to you by the host (us, the committee! 😎).
There are some basic parameters for your character, goals to achieve and secrets to keep, that are all described in less than a page that will take you less than 10min of your time before the game. But you’ll have lots of room to improvise and play. Talk, ask questions, enjoy being someone else, while getting to know your colleagues!

As always: The #HappyThurday is open to everyone from the Génopode, regardless of whether you are a student, PhD, Postdoc, staff member or PI.

You can join individually or specify up to three people with whom you would like to be teamed up (just drop us an Email with the names at cig_socialcommittee@unil.ch).

If you would like to join, just sign up on doodle:

!!! Please use a name with that we can identify you, because we will need to send you your character information a few days before the event! !!!

The CIG Social Committee 🎉
(Athena, Chiara, Lina, Linh, Nina & Noémie)


New CIG social committee

Hello you! Yes, you, in front of your computer!
You’re bored because you cannot do anything during corona time?
You are new and you would like to meet new people and have fun?
You’re an old CIG member but you want to update your knowledge of new faces around?

Well, here is great news for you :
We have the pleasure to announce you the creation of a Social Committee in the Genopode.

Who are we?
Athéna, Post-DocRoignant group, 3rd floor,
Chiara, PhD student, Roignant group, 3rd floor
Linh, PhD student, Van Leeuwen group, 4th floor
Lina, PhD student, Roignant group, 3rd floor
Nina, PhD student, Franken group, 3rd floor
Noémie, PhD student, Vastenhouw group, 4th floor

What is the concept?
Connect CIG people with fun activities!

What do we do?
-New comers’ round: meet the new and fresh people coming to CIG, every four months
-Happy Thursday 😀 : Have fun with your CIG mates, every two weeks

For now, the sanitary situation does not allow us to do real life events. However, we will adapt the different activities to the situation at a given time and we have a lot of ideas!
You know what you would like to do? Let us know!

Incoming events:
-> Thursday 4th of February, 18:30: “Among us” session
Fun online event:
You are in a spaceship ready for departure with your crew. But an impostor is around and is trying to kill everybody and use sabotage to cause chaos. Find him/her, explode him/her and take off safely!
Sign in and save your place here: https://doodle.com/poll/fmdi5cvhfsdzp574

You want to join the organization team and “make CIG great again”?
Email us and join the adventure: cig_socialcommittee@unil.ch

See you soon at the events!


The Lola & John Grace Distinguished Lectures in Cancer Research: program for the year 2021

In accordance with current EPFL guidelines, the Lola and John Grace Distinguished Lectures in Cancer Research will resume on January 28, 2021 at 12h15 by Zoom only (more details will follow in due time regarding Zoom link – POSTER att.).

We hope we will be able to have the Grace Lecture in Room SV 1717 at EPFL in the coming months. Given the sanitary situation, the plan at the moment is to hold the Grace Lectures via ZOOM ONLY. This plan might be modified depending on the evolution of the pandemic. Thanks for your understanding.