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Summer break

Dear all,

There will be no newsletter during the summer.
Have a very nice holiday.


CIG Workshop: what, how, whom ? All you need to know

CIG Workshop

If you have a problem with some piece of equipment disfunctionning, have some need for the workshop/atelier, please go on the following link:​ and fill out the form.
The form will be received automatically by Yann Emmenegger, Carlos Luzolo Soba and Nicole Vouilloz. You will be contacted as soon as possible after reception.

If really needed, you can contact Yann directly, but please note that in principle a form should be filled for each intervention, as this will help monitoring the needs.

Yann’s phone number: 39 86
Direct email for matters concerning the workshop (including borrowing its key): 


Wed May 16, Life Science Career Day 2018

Dear Researcher, Dear Student,

The 7th edition of the Life Science Career Day (LSCD) will take place on May 16th 2018 in Lausanne. LSCD is the annual event for junior researchers and students wishing to get ready for their professional future!

When & Where : The event will take place at the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), on Wednesday May 16th 2018, 10h00-17h00.

Opening Ceremony – The Scientist’s Role in Society : Training Rats to Save Lives, Dr Lena Fiebig, Head of Tuberculosis, APOPO.

What : You’ll hear about career options for the scientist & some practices in recruiting. You’ll discover the key phases of a career and how to successfully navigate through them (Career Design). You’ll get inspiration from professionals and alumni from the field.

Moreover, you’ll be able to

  • attend company talks to get to know some of the major actors in the field;
  • have your photo taken by a professional photographer (limited number of spots).

Who : Symposia and booths with speakers and professionals from more than 30 companies, institutions & organizations (NGO/NPO), as well as career coaches.



GEN retreat 2018 in Les Diablerets

The Génopode Retreat in 2018 is scheduled September 6 & 7 (Thursday & Friday) in Les Diablerets (Eurotel Victoria).

Tentative program to download – Programme provisoire


Welcome (back) to Fabienne!

Fabienne Lammers has been working for 12 years as lab technician in W.Herr’s lab. In March 2018, she has joined the CIG’s commun services as head of the genotyping facility.

We wish her the best in her new role, and warmly welcome her.

Genotyping facility:
Genotyping service’s opening hours:



CIG’s Wanted mailing list

It has been noted that the address was used to send offers or requests for scientific products or equipment to everyone in the CIG. This tends to generate spam for those not interested in such informations and “dilutes” these requests with the other general emails sent to this list​. As a result, we created a new dedicated mailing list for this purpose: ​
Please use this email address for (and only for) any offer and request you might have concerning products you need or want to share with other CIG members. Emails sent to this address will be marked with a [cig_wanted] mention prefixed to the “Subject:” line of the email, this way you can set a rule in your email client if you want to process them automatically.
Alternatively, you can also unsubscribe from the list here if you do not want to receive emails of the sort:
Feel free to contact Laurian Walpen (40 29) for any question concerning this mailing list.