Laboratory of Phenotype/Histology


-The missions of the phenotyping facility include the phenotyping of engineered mice strains,the development of protocol for specific antibodies, as well as training and advising members of the CIG on the different available technologies.


-Advice and collaboration for CIG projects
-Development of protocol tailored to each antibody
-Hands-on training of CIG members on the different machines (Cryostat, Microtome, etc…)
-Training of CIG members in histology practice
-Test/benchmark the newly released products and technologies
-Manage a stock of secondary antibodies


-Dissection and Fixation
-Inclusion in paraffin and freezing
-Cutting of paraffin and frozen sections
-Fluorescence and Enzymatic immunohistochemistry techniques
-In Situ Hybridization
-Standard topographic colorations
-Specific colorations (e.g. for fat, elastic fibers, iron…)
-Acquisition of pictures by both transmission and fluorescence microscopy with the Zeiss Axio Imager M1

Available equipment

Room 2013: 2x cryostats CRYO-STAR HM 560 M and HM 550 M
2x manual microtomesHM310
2x Tissue embedding center MICROM 350 andLeicaEG1140H
a automatic Tissue Processor LeicaTP1020
SAKURA (mounting slides) and LeicaCV5030
Microscope Zeiss Imager A1
a Gene Paint TECAN platform

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Do not hesitate to contact us!


Responsible Laboratory assistant:
Responsible Professor:
Catherine Moret, phone 4132
Alexandre Reymond, phone 3961

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