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Welcome to Arsenii !

My name is Arsenii Dmitriev was born and raised in Russia where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology. In 2019 I decided to further my education and I applied for a Master in Molecular Bioengineering at TU Dresden, Germany (graduated in 2021).

During the COVID pandemic, I was fortunate enough to be able to finish my master’s work at the MPI-CBG in Hyman lab. My participation in the research field of transcriptional condensates gave an appreciation for the complexity of biology and my view that an interdisciplinary approach is required to tackle biological research.

That’s exactly what attracted me to UNIL. Here, I joined Nadine Vastenhouw group and my project will focus on the role of transcription factors in zebrafish development. In my spare time, I enjoy doing sports, playing the ukulele and listening to music.


Welcome to Clémentine!

My name is Clémentine Pajot. After graduated from high school, I started a degree in Pharmacy in Nantes (France). Because of my interest in research, I followed in parallel of my pharmacy degree a master’s degree in biology and health that I completed in Bordeaux in Nutrition and Human Health.
During my M2 internship I worked on a project focused on maternal diabetes and depression in the offspring: a preclinical model study in the NutriNeuro lab UMR1286 (Bordeaux-FRANCE) supervised by Pr. Muriel Darnaudéry.
After my M2 degree I continued to work on this project for one year as an assistant engineer in collaboration with Pr. Jamileh Movassat (UMR8251 – Université de Paris-FRANCE) and Jonathan Turner (Luxembourg Institute of Health-LUXEMBOURG).

I started the 1st October 2021 a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Sophie Croizier to study the role of Ephrin B3 in the excitability of POMC neurons and its role in type 2 diabetes etiology.


Welcome to Loïck!

Loïck Staudenmann graduated from the University of Geneva in 2018 as a biology laboratory technician in the cell transplantation lab studying type 1 diabetes. The research topic was to improve the technique of pancreas transplantation.

Then he worked as an assistant lab manager in the oncology department in Epalinges. Finally, he got a position as lab technician at the vaccinology center of the CMU in Geneva where he worked on the immune response induced by a COVID-19 infection.

His main tasks were the maintenance of the laboratory’s bio-bank and the isolation of PBMC. He worked for this laboratory for 15 months before joining Dr Sophie Croizier’s group as lab technician.


Welcome to Sandi!

My name is Sandi Paulisic and I started in September 2021 at the CIG.
After finishing my masters in Zagreb (Croatia), I moved to Barcelona (Spain) to do a PhD on molecular differences in regulation of shade avoidance and tolerance in plants. This sparkled my general interest in light regulation of plant responses which is the topic I will continue to pursue by joining the lab of Christian Fankhauser as a postdoc.


Welcome to Carlos!

My name is Carlos Martinez Gamero, I am from Spain where I completed my bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

I started a master’s program in Molecular Biology in 2018 in Umea, Sweden. In order to expand my knowledge, I started an internship in Aguil’s lab in June 2019. While I was completing my master and my intership, I developed a special interest in epigenetics and epitranscripotmics and the impact of theses fields in cell regulation and development. Therefore I am joining the Roignant’s lab as PhD students from October 2021.

Apart from Sciences, I also love sports, music and I am big history fan.


Congratulations to Violeta Castelo Szekely on her Prof. H.A. Guénin award !

Dr Violeta Castelo Szekely finally received her H. Guenin prize, awarded to her in June 2020. This prize is intended to reward a PhD student who stood out for the excellence of his/her diploma work and thesis in animal biology.

The next Guenin prize will be awarded during the CIG Symposium 2022 at the Genopode.

Further information on the ceremony held Sep. 21, 2021: