Welcome to Jaime Lopez Alcala

Hello World,

I am Jaime López, a biomedical researcher. I studied Biochemistry (Bachelor) and Biomedicine (Master and PhD) at the University of Córdoba (Spain). During that time, I had the opportunity to investigate different metabolic pathologies, especially those related to obesity and its associated disorders (e.g., cancer).

In 2020, I received an EMBO short-term fellowship to work at the CIG (UNIL) for 3 months, and I was amazed by the city of Lausanne and its beautiful landscapes. Four years later, I am back in the Fajas’ lab, ready to unravel the mechanisms of resistance to cancer treatments.

Personally, I like to enjoy nature, fitness and historical culture, including its spiritual part.

See you on the fifth floor of the Génopode building!

Welcome to Virginie Ricci !

Hi everyone,

My name is Virginie and I recently started as a bioinformatician in the group of David Gatfield.

I studied Bachelor and Master at UniL, and did my PhD at UniBas. I am happy to be back, especially for sailing on the *Léman* lake!

Looking forward to meeting you all,