Welcome to Maria!

Hello everyone! 🙂
I’m Maria Guillen Angel, I was born and raised in Sevilla (Spain) where I did my bachelor’s in Biotechnology. During my bachelor’s, I did an Erasmus in Paris. I moved next to Barcelona to do my master’s.

For my master’s thesis, I studied the influence of double-stranded RNA on mutation outcome in C. elegans in Dr. B. Lehner’s group (CRG). I also had the chance to do a minor project in CRG, in Dr. E. Novoa’s group where I study the epitranscriptomics of Xist. Since I am really interested in RNA biology, I decided to apply for the predoc fellowship of NCCR. I’m starting my two first rotations here in UNIL at Roignant’s and Gatfield’s groups to study the role of dihydrouridine synthase in D. melanogaster as well as its effects on circadian rhythmicity. 

In my free time, I like hiking, swimming, playing volleyball, and going to art events. 

See you around! 🙂