CIG Seminars Spring 2016 Program

CIG Seminars Spring 2016

Monday 12:15, Génopode, auditorium B, followed by sandwiches

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Joan Steitz, Yale University, USA
«Noncoding RNAs of viral and cellular origin: more surprises»
Host: Nouria Hernandez

Monday February 8, 2016
Steven Brown, University of Zurich, Switzerland
«Sleep, clocks, and subnuclear dynamics in neurons»
Host: Paul Franken

Monday February 29, 2016
Liliane Michalik, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
«PPARs and the skin: it’s a dangerous world out there»
Host: Alexandre Reymond

Monday March 21, 2016
Erica Davis, Duke University, Durham, USA
«Functional dissection of pediatric genetic disease»
Host: Alexandre Reymond

Monday April 11, 2016
Mitchell A. Lazar, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, USA
«Linking of Circadian Rhythms and Metabolism to the Nuclear Receptor Rev-erb Alpha»
Host: David Gatfield

Monday April 18, 2016
Virginie Orgogozo, Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France
«Phenotypic evolution and genetic tinkering in Drosophila and other organisms»
Host: Richard Benton

Monday May 9, 2016
Daniel Durocher, University of Toronto, Canada
«Understanding and manipulating the response to DNA double-stranded breaks»
Host: Vincent Dion

Monday May 30, 2016
Peter Stern, Science Europe Office, Cambridge, UK
«The manuscript selection process at SCIENCE»
Host: Mehdi Tafti

Monday June 13, 2016
Jesper Svejstrup, Francis Crick Institute, Hertfordshire, UK
«The Transcription-Related DNA Damage Response»
Host: Vincent Dion