Interviews of the CIG PIs: D. Gatfield

Series of interviews were written to present each PI of the CIG.
Most of them are already available on the CIG Report 2015-2016’s website, and every week we will be displaying one of them in the newsletter.

“Rock around the clock”

The role of translation in circadian rhythms


“I have always wanted to go “all the way”, says Prof. David Gatfield: “doing research from the cellular to the systemic level, deep into the physiology and even the behavior of an animal.” As it turns out, unraveling the machinery behind circadian rhythms offers him the opportunity to live his scientific dream. Indeed, in higher animals most vital processes fluctuate during the day in an orderly fashion: a complex process which is only poorly understood. Prof. Gatfield and his team are trying to understand the fundamental role of RNA and translation – considered far too long a default process in chronobiology – in the control of oscillating biological processes.

♬ Slave to the rhythm ♬
Grace Jones (1985)

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