Life Science Career Day 2015

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Life Science Career Day 2015

Get inspired by others’ experience to find your career path!

The 4th Life Science Career Day 2015 aims to make participants aware of career options in various life science sectors, both inside and outside academia. Language: Business English.

  1. Discover career-related steps and the everyday life of professionals with a life science background. Three symposia and a large interactive area will be perfect occasions for you to exchange insights with speakers, alumni, as well as delegates from many organizations and companies. Moderators will encourage questions! (More info)
  2. Benefit of a CV check service . Remember to bring your CV along and to register at the welcome desk upon your arrival, on a “first come, first served” basis. (More info)
  3. Boost your career and learn in several workshops about creating your virtual start-up, improving your networking skills outside the University, putting together your elevator pitch (learning how to present yourself in 2 min), and valorizing your competences in your CV. (More info)
  4. Interact with scientific journalists. A round-table on scientific journalism will take place to offer you a better insight on this profession. Exceptionally, journalists will present their career paths in French. But, if you have queries in English, we will translate them. (More info)

In summary: The main goal of the LSCD 2015 is to provide ideas, although potential job opportunities and/or training positions could be offered. Such information will help you better understand how to build a career after having obtained a degree in life science (Master, PhD) or how to make your career advance after a postdoctoral experience. We are looking forward to meeting you there!