Nov 8 Changins meeting – Kinases; Proteases

Save the date!

The Changins meeting 2012 will take place on Thursday November 8, 2012.

This is the 18th annual meeting of the research groups of the faculties of Biology and Medicine of Lausanne and Geneva. Every year, researchers from the Biology and Medicine Faculties of Lausanne and Geneva gather in the fall, midway between each town at the “Station de Recherche Agroscope Changins”, to interact and present their work.

This year’s theme is « Kinases, Proteases: from bench to bedside ». Presentations will be given by Margot Thome (UNIL), Jean-Claude Martinou (UNIGE) and Serge Pelet (UNIL). Additional talks will be selected from abstracts.

Abstracts are not restricted to the theme of the meeting, but will cover all the research fields investigated in our faculties, making the Changins meeting a fantastic opportunity to discover the breadth of research around Lake Geneva. The meeting is free, including lunch, best poster prize and wine tasting at the end of the scientific program.

The event will be introduced by François Pralong, vice-dean of the UNIL FBM, and concluded by Dominique Soldati-Favre, vice-dean of the UNIGE FM.

We are looking forward to receiving your registration and abstract submission on Early registration will be much appreciated. Registration deadline is September 16.

Sophie Martin, Piergiorgio Tozzi, Dina Zekry and Olivier Gaide.