Safety Reminder

Following lab visits by Unisep (Naomi DUMAS), in the presence of lab techs and sometimes safety coordinators, the CIG reminds you of the following points:

General safety

It is imperative that people working in laboratories wear appropriate clothing for their activity regardless the weather conditions; in principle this means:
– Trousers
– Closed shoes
– Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE): lab coats, gloves, goggles, masks…

Failure to comply with this rule engages both the responsibilitiy of the user and the department in the event of accident.
Avoid storing unnecessary items in laboratories and hallways (styropore, cardboard, solvents, etc.)
Please keep the benches clean and tidy.
Single-use gloves must be discarded right after use.
Please ensure that centrifuge rotors are clean after use.
It is strictly forbidden to store food or drinks in cold rooms and laboratory fridges. From now on, food & drinks found inside will be discarded.
For safety reasons, it is also forbidden to store dry ice in cold rooms.

Chemical products

Please display the warning sheet (with pictograms) on the labs cabinets containing chemicals and correctly indicate the areas used to manipulate toxic products  (e.g: ethidium bromide). If possible, replace BET  with a less toxic product (SYBERGreen, Nancy520).
Use retention trays in product and waste storage cabinets.


Please close the hoods after use.
Please close the windows, doors and turn off the lights when leaving the labs.

Thank you in advance for your attention,

Please note that Carlos can help you for any questions.
Reminder: guidelines can be found in the FAQ:

Link to the cleaning planing for the lab sinks: