A new bioinformatician in A.Reymond’s group

Léonard Studer obtained his PhD in 1995 in experimental high energy physics from the University of Lausanne and CERN. He then went for a postdoc in Genova (Italy) working on “neuro-fuzzy forecast chaotic-like time series”. After his post-doc, he worked during 6 years as a Maître Assistant at the University of Lausanne. At that time, he co-developed medical imaging and high energy physics alorithms and taught biology students some basic physics. Then, during 2 years, Léonard managed the R&D team in a start-up to develop a TCD based neuro-monitoring system.
In 2008, Leonard worked for a Swiss public service institution active in the domain of the 1st pillar’s social insurances where he lead IT projects and helped to maintain an expert system. In 2009, he worked for the City of Lausanne where he had to introduce some risk management culture. He joined Prof. Reymond’s group as an embedded bioinformatician on February 1st, 2010.

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